MP calls for BBC TV licence fee to be scrapped ahead of decision on its future

A Conservative MP called for the BBC TV license fee to be abolished – and said that when it came to controlling the broadcaster’s funding, he could not be “trusted”.

And a Welsh MP compared the fee to the poll tax.

Minister of Culture Nadine Dorries said in the run-up to the next charter review process, politicians will “take a detailed look at the TV licensing model to ensure that it is fit for the future”.

She called it a ‘beacon for the British’ and ‘what is great on the radio’ but said, ‘even the editors of the BBC and those who run the BBC accept that there have been some problems and that they are being addressed , and “this is part of the ongoing discussions”.

However, Conservative MP Philip Hollobone (Kettering) said that the BBC “the abolition of free TV licenses shows that they cannot be trusted”. He called the BBC’s treatment of retirees “shameful” – and called on the government to use the 2022 funding review “to get rid of license fees altogether.”

Ms. Dorries said the future of the royalty will be decided when the charter is renewed in 2027, but said that “these discussions are … highlighted both from an editorial point of view and from multiple levels and recently in response to the Serota review overall in “Consideration of Moving Forward. His comments were noted. “

Another Conservative MP compared the BBC license fee to the poll tax.

Alun Cairns (Vale of Glamorgan) said he believed there was “potential” to lower or freeze the license fee.

He said much of the funding is being used to create “quality programs” but “significant sums” are being used “to drive competition out of the independent sector”. He said the license fee was “the most regressive form of taxation, similar to poll tax”.

Culture Minister Nadine Dorries said her priority was “reaching an agreement that is good value for money” while ensuring that the BBC can continue to provide “very high quality services”.

She said: “I have had constructive talks with the BBC and believe that we are close to an agreement.”

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