MP criticises 'bonkers' new Highway Code guidance for cyclists

Highway Code changes designed to boost protection for cyclists have been branded “bonkers” in the UK Parliament.

Former Conservative Minister Sir Desmond Swayne took exception to new advice for cyclists to ride in the center of lanes on quieter roads, in slower-moving traffic, and when approaching junctions, to make themselves as visible as possible.

Sir Desmond, MP for New Forest West in Hampshire, told the House of Commons: “I cycle for 10 hours a week and on a narrow forest road I always cycle as close to the kerb because I’m a driver too and I want to accommodate drivers.

“The advice in the new code that I should cycle in the center of the carriageway is bonkers, isn’t it?”

Transport minister Trudy Harrison replied: “I’d like to stress that that advice is only on narrow roads.

“And I’m delighted that he has embraced cycling because we too want to see half of journeys made in towns and cities walked and cycled by 2030.”

Nine sections of the Highway Code were updated from January 29, with 50 rules added or amended.

The changes aim to establish a “hierarchy” of road users, offering more protection to those most at risk.

Failing to comply will not result in a fine as the alterations are advisory.

Other changes include guidance for traffic to give way when pedestrians are crossing or waiting to cross at junctions.

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