MP with Covid-19 apologises for travelling to London with symptoms

MP with Covid-19 apologises for travelling to London with symptoms

A MP diagnosed with Covid-19 has apologized for attending parliament after experiencing symptoms.

SNP MP Margaret Ferrier traveled to London to discuss the coronavirus response when she was already feeling uncomfortable.

She said she took a test Saturday afternoon after experiencing “mild symptoms” which means she should self-isolate before taking the train to London on Monday.

“That was wrong and I am very sorry for my mistake,” said the MP for Rutherglen and Hamilton West.

In a tweet, she added that “there is no excuse for my actions” after revealing her trip while positive with the virus.

Ms. Ferrier spoke in the coronavirus debate in the House of Commons on Monday and tested positive for Covid-19 that evening after her report.

“I took the train home on Tuesday morning without seeking advice. That was wrong too and I’m sorry.

“I’ve been self-isolating at home ever since,” she said.

The MP has “informed the police of my actions” and has notified the testing and tracing system and the Commons authorities.

“Although I feel fine, I should have isolated myself while waiting for my test result, and I deeply regret my actions.

“I take full responsibility and I would like to urge everyone not to make the same mistakes as me and do everything possible to limit the spread of Covid-19,” she said.

Ms. Ferrier previously criticized Boris Johnson’s senior advisor Dominic Cummings for his behavior during the pandemic.

Dominic Cummings answers questions from the media after he was asked to be fired on allegations that he violated coronavirus lockdown restrictions

During Cabinet inquiries on June 11, Ms. Ferrier told Commons, “Public health experts have raised concerns that Dominic Cummings has undermined public confidence in the lockdown rules, in violation of the Code of Integrity contained in the Code of Conduct.

“Will the Cabinet Office investigate possible violations of Mr. Cummings’ Code of Conduct, or have Ministers again decided that they have enough experts?”

The subject of questions at this point in the meeting was the Code of Conduct of Special Advisers.

A number of politicians have called for their resignation after the incident.

Ruth Davidson, the Chair of the Conservative Party in the Scottish Parliament, tweeted: “This Margaret Ferrier case is different – knowingly taking public transport after testing positive for COVID-19 means putting lives at risk.

“She has to go.”

Former Scottish Labor and Co-op MP Paul Sweeney called for Margaret Ferrier to step down.

Mr Sweeney tweeted, “An MP traveling to London by train waiting for a Covid test result is obviously a stupid thing.

“Returning to Glasgow by train after a positive result is grossly negligent.

“Mrs. Ferrier should take the advice she has given Mr. Cummings and resign.”

Tory MP Alicia Kearns said it was “unforgivable”. Ms. Ferrier waited three days to tell MPs that she had tested positive for the virus.

A House of Commons spokesman said: “A MP has confirmed he has been diagnosed with coronavirus. The home’s priority is making sure the property’s residents are safe while making business easier.

“We have followed closely the public health guidelines on action following a confirmed case of Covid on the ground.

“Parliament has a dedicated team that supports the testing and tracking teams across the UK and acts as a single point of contact for any suspected or confirmed cases where someone has worked on the property.

“We are also performing a range of cleaning operations to ensure that the property staff can maintain a clean and hygienic work environment and to ensure that Parliament is following government guidelines on safe work during the coronavirus.

“Our risk assessment describes the measures we have already taken to reduce the risk of transmission in Parliament. The speakers and the political leadership of both chambers are constantly reviewing the situation. “



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