M&S praised for new feature on staff badges

The introduction of optional name badges for Marks & Spencer employees was commended.

At the suggestion of an employee, M&S employees have the option to use “any combination of pronouns” they choose.

A post by the retailer on LinkedIn employment platform said: “We recently introduced pronoun name tags for our colleagues and encouraged as many of them as possible to use the correct combination of pronouns for them.

“An amazing initiative that one of our colleague Morgen Kane contributed to our Suggest to Steve program as we continue to build an inclusive future together.”

M&S shared a post from David Parke, 28, a Croydon-based food PR manager, in which he shared his own pronoun badge that read “He / Him / His”.

Mr Parke told the PA news agency, “It is really important to give people the ability to display their pronouns at work as it encourages them to team up with trans and non-binary counterparts.

“Many of us already include our pronouns in our email signatures, but when you speak to people in person, it is useful to know what they would like to be called so that everyone is comfortable and there is no gender difference.

“Right now, transsexuals in the UK are exposed to more abuse and discrimination than ever before, so it is up to all of us to create an inclusive culture and make sure everyone receives the respect they deserve.

“It’s great that M&S ​​is proactively taking steps like this to support and celebrate LGBTQ + colleagues.”

Sasha Misra, Associate Director of Communications and Campaigns at Stonewall, said, “It’s great to see more and more companies offering the option of pronoun badges for their employees.

“Creating an inclusive workplace begins with everyday actions, and using pronouns on badges is a simple but powerful way to ensure that LGBTQ + identities are respected – for employees and customers alike.”


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