Mum, 32, in vegetative state for four years after heart stopped during liposuction

Mother of two, Sabina Abbas, 32, was hospitalized after her heart stopped working when doctors at a private clinic in Turkey performed liposuction and rhinoplasty at the same time

Sabina Abbas, 32, with her family in the hospital in Turkey (

Image: Newsflash)

A mother has been in a vegetative state for the past four years after her heart stopped working during liposuction.

Sabina Abbas, 32, wanted to feel better with her body and booked an appointment for liposuction and rhinoplasty in a private clinic.

The mother of two was operated on in July 2017 by a doctor who was identified in the clinic only by his initials AF.

During the operation, during which liposuction and rhinoplasty were performed at the same time, Sabina’s heartbeat suddenly stopped, according to the local press, Haberler.

The doctors managed to restart the patient’s heart after about four minutes and she was admitted to the hospital.

Sabina with her husband, who takes legal action against the clinic



Sabina, from the Turkish province of Antalya, passed out during the operation and then fell into a vegetative state.

She is still in this condition today and her husband Rustem Abbas blames the clinic for the condition of his wife.

Rustem has reportedly filed a complaint against the plastic surgeon and anesthetist who were only identified as EO

Rustem said his wife had been in the hospital for a total of four years, including two years in intensive care.

Sabina has been in a vegetative state for four years



He said, “My son Demir was three months old and my daughter Yanesk was two years old when my wife became comatose. Our life became hell.

“My wife’s heart stopped for four minutes during the operation. The doctors first told me she was going to be better, then they moved her to another branch of the hospital in the city center.

“She is only 32 years old. We have two children, one is six and the other is now four years old. They are waiting for their mother to come home.”

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Rustem added, “The hospital wants to discharge my wife. She went to the hospital, she should be able to get out of it. I don’t want my wife to be fired until she has fully recovered.

“You called me to the hospital last night with the help of the police to release my wife, but I disagreed.”

Rustem said his litigation is ongoing.


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