Mum abandoned her baby in hot 37C car for five hours while she gambled at pub

Easton’s internal temperature skyrocketed to 40 ° C, causing his body to suffer kidney failure, affect his liver, make him blind, and severely damage his brain

Kaija Millar, 32, from Gladstone Park (

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A mother left her 14-month-old baby in a hot car for five hours while she played in a pub before lying to emergency services to cover her tracks.

Kaija Millar, 34, pleaded guilty in the County Court of Victoria, Australia, to grossly injuring her young son Easton through negligence.

The court heard that temperatures outside the car reached 37.5 ° C when Millar was playing bingo at the Brook Hotel.

Easton was strapped in the piping hot car with the windows closed and the air conditioning off for five hours before the negligent mother bothered to check on him.

She will be sentenced later this month



The boy’s internal temperature rose to 40 ° C, which resulted in his body suffering kidney failure and distress, the court heard.

It also made him blind and badly damaged his brain when his body turned “gray-blue”.

Millar asked witnesses to the crime not to tell her husband what she had done.

When paramedics arrived, she told them that Easton had inhaled smoke from nearby bushfires and that the windows had all been lowered. She also said she was looking for him.

Millar pleaded guilty and faces a possible prison sentence



But CCTV footage ended up revealing their lies, even though Millar continued to distract the police from what was really happening, telling them she left the car’s air conditioning on, it was in the shade and she was checking on him.

Easton will have to live with permanent injuries that will affect everything from his speech to his ability to move, see, and eat. He will be in need of care for life.

“I didn’t do this on purpose. I didn’t do this to hurt my son, ”she told the police.

The court heard that temperatures outside the car reached 37.5 ° C when Millar was playing bingo



At an earlier hearing on the matter, Melbourne Magistrates’ Court was told that Millar was estranged from Baby Easton’s father, Steve.

At the time, Millar said Easton only had a 50 percent chance of survival.

Speaking to the Herald Sun newspaper in January, Mr. Millar said he was “heartbroken and devastated”.

“Right now it’s still a touch and go – it’s 50-50 if it gets through,” he said.

“He’s shown me some signs, when I talk to him you can see his mouth trying to move.”

She will be sentenced later this month.

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