Mum and son reunited after Covid kept them apart for two years

This is the emotional moment when a Briton is finally reunited with his mother after Covid’s travel restrictions separated her for two years.

Ciaran Joyce, 34, had not seen his mother, Hayley Gibbs, 56, since 2019 when she left the UK to live in Australia.

Unfortunately, then the pandemic struck and the subsequent travel restrictions would prevent her from returning to the UK.

However, with the help of loved ones, the two were reunited when Hayley flew to the UK when Australia eased travel restrictions.

In this video, Ciaran is filmed in his local pub in London with his girlfriend Lucy, who wears a mustache that he grew for Movember.

Lucy had taken him there on the pretext of having dinner with her and her mother, but she was aware that Hayley had landed in London that morning and was about to enter.

Ciaran, wearing a mustache that he bought for Movember, spots his mother from across the pub.

He takes a moment to react in disbelief before jumping to his feet and sprinting into her arms to enjoy a huge hug during their emotional reunion on November 14th.

Ciaran, an actor and Movember activist from London, said: “I was taken to the pub by my friend Lucy who was waiting to catch up with her mother.

“My mother landed in London that morning without my knowledge and she and Lucy arranged the surprise that week.”

“My mind skipped.

“It felt like me and my mother were the only two people in the world right now.”

“The pandemic has resulted in so many people being stranded by loved ones for so long. The fact that so many have shared comfort, joy and their stories in the comments shows how much people can miss each other. It was a bit humiliating to be honest. “

Anyone wishing to follow and support Ciaran’s Movember campaign can do so here.

Ciaran said, “I sadly lost a dear friend to suicide and had mental health struggles myself. I know how difficult and scary it can be to open up to others.

“I want to raise awareness and money for organizations like Movember to prevent or help others go through the same and help them navigate the troubled waters of life.”

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