Mum blasted for refusing to attend son's wedding because his brother wasn't invited

Wedding guest lists can be tricky, but there are a few people you would expect on the big day and these are the proud parents of the newlyweds.

But family tensions and past dramas can have a huge impact on who shows up.

As one woman went on to explain Reddits am I the a ** hole Forum. The woman said she was in a very troubling situation at the time of her eldest son’s wedding.

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The mother of two said she made the heartbreaking decision not to attend the wedding – because her other son was not invited, reports The mirror.

She said, “I have two sons; Isaiah, 22, and Daniel, 24. They had a great childhood together and grew up in a large family with loving grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins ​​on both sides.”

However, the sibling’s relationship deteriorated in their late teens due to an incident involving Daniel’s longtime friend. Daniel was about to propose to his boyhood sweetheart, but their relationship came to a bitter end when Isiah stole her friend’s family and blamed Daniel for it.

Now the two brothers are no longer in contact, although both are still in regular contact with their family.

The mother said, “Daniel is getting married this month and he sent an invitation to me, his father, and everyone else in the family except Isaiah. I called Daniel to ask because I assumed he probably didn’t send an invitation to Isaiah , but expected him to accompany me and my husband.

“He told me no, he didn’t want to invite his brother because he doesn’t want him to his wedding. I felt heavy because Isaiah was already apologizing, asking for forgiveness and giving Daniel time and space to reconcile, but Daniel ignored him repeatedly saying that he didn’t want anything to do with him.

“I explained how much I felt he was being too tough on his brother and he told me not to pressure him and respect his decision.”

In response, the mother told him that if Isiah was not invited to the wedding, she would not attend either.

“Daniel told me that I was selfish because I had Isaiah feelings about his and his wedding. We argued, then he hung up after telling me that if I didn’t attend, he would never speak to me again, ”added the mother.

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“We haven’t talked since and my husband agrees that Daniel is the one who complicates things and is not graceful to his brother who wants to share his happy day with him.”

But after asking the Reddit community if she was entitled to her harsh reaction, she was faced with a barrage of criticism.

One person commented, “I see some clear golden child / scapegoat tendencies here. Your favorite child not only lied to ruin his brother’s life, he stole to make the lie more plausible and was invited. “

Meanwhile, another added: “Isaiah is not guilty and does not deserve Daniel’s forgiveness. Neither do you for constantly pretending what Daniel did is excusable.

“If you don’t go to this wedding, you will never meet your grandchildren. I very much hope that the family Daniel is marrying into are good people because you are not. “

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