Mum branded 'selfish' after saying she would rather go to Glastonbury than friend's wedding

A mother was branded selfish after asking if she should give up her friend’s wedding for Glastonbury.

Write on, the mother said she felt “really bad” but honestly “would rather go to the festival than the wedding”.

She said she booked the tickets three years ago and was waiting for the festival to be postponed due to Covid-19.

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The post read: “My good friend just told me that she is getting married next year on the same weekend as the Glastonbury Festival, which I have tickets for and which has obviously been waiting 3 years for it to go on.

“I really want to go to the festival because tickets are incredibly difficult to get and it’s the first time I’ve had tickets in 10 years. I love it there and after the pandemic, I really just want to go and have some fun RV, so a little more luxurious too.

“I feel really bad, but honestly I would rather go to the festival than the wedding, but am I really being unreasonable? I can’t do both as the wedding is in a different part of the country. I don’t want to upset her obviously either. “

Hundreds of people responded to her post, disagreeing on what to do.

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While some thought the wedding was a one-off event, others thought it was okay not to go because she planned the festival first.

One wrote: “I think YABU and selfish. Apart from one pandemic, Glastonbury happens every year. This wedding will only take place once and she is your friend. “

“Go to their wedding,” said a second.

And a third added: “Without a doubt, wedding.”

However, others disagreed and said they would 100% go to Glastonbury.

“They already have the tickets to Glastonbury, so go there for me,” one wrote.

Another commented, “You’re only apologizing for missing out on your wedding, but I already have plans for this weekend.”

A third added: “Previous engagement so you can decline the wedding. We didn’t go to a wedding because we already had tickets for the Car Fest, the couple understood.”


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