Mum cleared of allowing death of daughter who was killed by her boyfriend

Mum cleared of allowing death of daughter who was killed by her boyfriend

A mother was rescued from the death of her 12 month old daughter, who was murdered by her partner.

20-year-old Chelsea Crilly was warned about the safety of her child Orianna Crilly-Cifrova by various authorities after she began a relationship with 22-year-old Jamie Chadwick, who at the time was investigated on suspicion of causing serious brain damage to a six became a -month boy.

Ms. Crilly told the court she had been reassured by Chadwick that he would never harm a child, and her lawyers argued that she was deceived by her “manipulative” boyfriend.

On Monday, a jury at Manchester Crown Court unanimously found Ms. Crilly not guilty of admitting Orianna’s death to multiple skull fractures.

She sobbed when told to leave the dock.

Chadwick was previously convicted of murder and will be convicted on Tuesday.

Chadwick had denied having violently assaulted the youth on October 16 last year at her apartment in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, when he was home alone with her.

Emergency services were called when Ms. Crilly and the defendant’s sister returned to find the toddler “Floppy” and “White” in their stroller.

During the trial, he changed his defense that Orianna had fallen down the stairs and informed the jury that Ms. Crilly “flown” her daughter into a television booth, claiming she then made him assume the blame.

His account was unanimously rejected by the jurors.

In her evidence, Ms. Crilly accepted that she had lied to social workers, a health visitor, police officers, and doctors about her relationship with Chadwick before Orianna’s death because she wanted the three of them to live together.

Her lies were now an “embarrassment” to her and she retrospectively accepted that she should have listened to the advice.

As of July 2018, Chadwick was under investigation by both police and social services for injuries to a separate child, identified in court as Baby T, with another mother.

At the time, the defendant was the partner of the child’s mother and occasionally lived under the same roof with her.

Chadwick declined any responsibility for these injuries and was informed in December 2019 that the investigation was complete and no further action was taken against him or any other person.

In early 2019, Chadwick and Ms. Crilly were in a relationship and shortly after various authorities became aware of them and were “appropriately concerned” about Orianna’s safety, Attorney General Peter Wright told QC.

Orianna’s injuries are said to be consistent with picking up and swinging against a very hard surface, stamped on a blunt object, or hit very hard.

Mr Wright said further investigation revealed that Orianna suffered serious, non-accidental injuries to her spine and ribs at least twice in the days leading up to her death in the hospital on October 17, and that she “must have been obviously distressed” “.



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