Mum defends her nine face tattoos and only has one big regret about a very private tat

A tattoo addict who is bombarded with abuse because of her heavily inked face says she has no regrets and is proud of her ink work.

Sarah-Jane Sinclair covered her body in tattoos after becoming addicted to them at the age of 18, including nine on her face with phrases like “stand out” and “be original”.

And she says the only tattoo she regrets is having her ex’s name on her bum after just two weeks of dating – only to find out later that he saw another woman.

The 25-year-old’s dramatic look leads to lots of glances from strangers in public and online abuse saying she “ruined herself”. She was also cruelly nicknamed “Post Malone” after the heavily inked American rapper with tattoos on her face.

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But she says she loves her unique look and only regrets her “impulsive” decision to get it.[ex’s name]’s girl’ with a love heart tattooed on her bum just two weeks into a relationship.

Sarah-Jane admits that the guy tried to convince her not to paint her butt, which she later realized because he was dating someone else at the same time.

The barmaid also gets hateful comments about her plump lip filler and concerns from loved ones about her daily use of tanning beds and controversial nasal tanning spray, but she remains true to her beauty regimen.

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Sarah-Jane said, “As soon as I turned 18, I went to the tattoo shop and couldn’t tell you how many tattoos I have now. It’s definitely an addiction, once you’ve started you don’t want to stop.

“I have almost two arm sleeves, half a leg sleeve, a bit on the lower back and stomach, the whole chest, neck and fingers, the back of my thighs and of course my face. I plan to be fully covered, but it will take time.

“In public I get mostly stared at and online I get 75% hatred – they call me Post Malone, they say I’ve ruined myself and they ask ‘what will you look like when you are old’.

“Someone even said, ‘I’ve never seen anyone use a tattoo to get rid of a double chin’ – that’s what got me, it’s really personal.

“But I love my tattoos. The only thing I regret is my ex’s name on my bum earlier this year – we’ve only been together for two weeks but I just thought, ‘This guy’s great,’ and I’m very impulsive with tattoos .

Sarah-Jane says the only tattoo she regrets is having her ex's name on her BUM after just two weeks of dating - as she later found out he was supposedly cheating on

“Then two weeks later this girl texted me on TikTok asking for my number after watching my videos with the guy. She called me and said he’d been seeing her for months too.

“He told me at the time not to get the tattoo, but I got it anyway – now I know it was obvious because he was with someone else too. I haven’t covered it yet, but I will. ”

The self-proclaimed tattoo addict’s face tattoos include the word “peace”, a mandala design, a sad angel, a love heart, the Latin word “vanity” and the quote “love is pain”.

Two more are the quotes “attract attention” and “be original”, which is the reason for their decision to get a tattoo at all.

Despite negative comments about her “job stopper” face paint and the “terrible” pain of doing it, the mother of one vows not to stop getting them until she runs out of body canvas.

The 25-year-old's dramatic look has led to many public glances and online abuse saying she “ruined herself”.

Mum defends her nine face tattoos and only has one big regret about a very private tat 1

Sarah-Jane of Harlow, Essex said, “People say it ruins your body, but I think your body is a temple and you should decorate it so I’m decorating myself.

“I don’t like the pain. Some people enjoy it, but I hate getting my tattoos done, it’s so painful, but no pain, no gain.

“I don’t fit into society, but we shouldn’t all be the same – I just like to be myself and free.

“I feel sorry for people who have to be negative towards other people, that probably means that they are sad themselves and lead a very boring life.

“Do you want everyone to look the same? Because it would be a boring world if they did.

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“[One friend] recently said to me: ‘Everyone has the same look, hairstyle and style, but you are you and you would never get a copy of yourself’. ”

The beauty fanatic has also been criticized for her bold pout and tan after using lip fillers 15 times and using tanning beds extensively in the past year to maintain her “gorgeous” look.

15 milliliters of filler was injected into her face, spread over her lips, nose and chin, which led to a massive change in her appearance and an enormous confidence boost for Sarah-Jane.

She has used the tanning beds for almost 15 minutes every day over the past year and used a controversial nasal tanning spray that contains the unlicensed ingredient melanotan.

Sarah-Jane says she follows a strict beauty regime, pictured with her trainer Gavin Conway

This stimulates the production of melanin in the skin and creates a darker tan.

Sarah-Jane said, “I also get constant comments about my pen and tan.

“Before, my lips were like Rizla papers, just not there. I think I look better now – big lips are beautiful and I love being tanned.

“People say my lips look like a baboon’s ass or like I’ve been stung by a wasp and some friends have told me to stop.

“Even [a recent] My friend said that my lips go into the room five minutes before me, if I go to fill them up he says you don’t need them but I do anyway.

“He also said that I should stop going to the solarium every day, he is afraid that I will get skin cancer, but I’m fine.”

Sarah-Jane Sinclair, 25, covered her body in tattoos after becoming addicted to them at the age of 18, including nine on her face with phrases like

Despite the constant online abuse and concerns of her loved ones, Sarah-Jane remains committed to her extreme beauty regime with endless tattoos, fillers, and tans, as well as PT sessions that boost her confidence.

She refuses to let on negative comments and encourages others to be their true selves and ignore haters.

Sarah-Jane said, “I just see negative commentators as unhappy, negative people, and I just live my best life. Some people take it to heart, but just ignore it

“I believe in the law of attraction, so if I ignore negativity and only think positively, then positivity comes back to me.

“Only those who are negative will come from negativity.”


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