Mum 'discovers poo in Iceland' while grabbing chicken nuggets

Mum 'discovers poo in Iceland' while grabbing chicken nuggets

A horrified mum has described the moment she ‘got her hand covered in human poo while buying chicken nuggets’ from Iceland.

Furious Lynne McCabe said she was smeared in faeces after putting her hand inside a freezer in a supermarket at Saltcoats, North Ayrshire.

She said she realised there was human excrement on the packaging of the nuggets she was buying for her children’s dinner when she accidentally touched her nose.

The 35-year-old told the Daily Record : “The smell was awful. I must have touched my nose after I put the nuggets in the basket. At first I didn’t know where it was coming from but then I realised.

“I was disgusted and just glad my little girl hadn’t touched it first.”

Lynne said she quickly told staff what had happened and said she was taken aback by their reaction and their goodwill gesture.

She added: “At first they laughed and then one was kind of heaving saying ‘that’s disgusting’.

“They let me use the staff room to clean my hands.

“They did say sorry and gave me a box of Lindor chocolate balls as an apology. I mean come on, I’m covered in poo and they give me chocolate balls to say sorry?”

Lynne claims staff blamed an elderly woman who had been in the store earlier in the day for the mishap and said they would need to look at till receipts and CCTV to find out what had happened.

She said staff told her the woman was unwell and asked to use the toilet.

Lynne added: “They said she made a right mess and they had to clean it up.

“I was a bit shocked they hadn’t closed the shop though.

“Surely if they knew there had been an accident they should have checked the place thoroughly.” 

She added: “What else did she touch in the shop? I don’t think they will have bothered to check.

“The situation was handled terribly by staff.

“Who knows what kind of germs that person had and just it was lying there for hours before it was cleaned.”

After leaving the store. Lynne called the Iceland Customer Service department to complain.

She received a call back from the area manager who said he had not been made aware of the situation.

Lynne added: “He offered me a £20 voucher, a bottle of wine and said there would be a few more freebies offered.

“Why the hell would I want to go back into the shop?”

Iceland said they are aware of the situation.

A spokesperson for the supermarket said: “Whilst we are unable to comment on the specific circumstances of this incident which took place in one of our stores, we are confident that all necessary measures were taken.

“Upon being made aware of the incident, we immediately made plans to close our store for deep cleaning. This has now been completed and our store is open as normal.

“We extend our apologies to the customer for the upset caused, and provided a gesture of goodwill in store.

“We encourage the customer to contact our Customer Care team directly so that we can escalate her query and ensure she is comfortable with the outcome.”



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