Mum discovers son's bride is her long-lost daughter on their wedding day

One woman was stunned on her son’s wedding day when she made the incredible discovery that the bride was indeed her long-lost daughter.

The mother of the bride and groom was reportedly left in tears after realizing who was marrying her son when she noticed a birthmark on the woman’s hand.

The extraordinary reunion took place on March 31st in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China.

The new ‘mother-in-law’ had noticed a mark at the ceremony that looked like the one on her prodigal daughter’s hand. Times Now news reports.

After discovering the clear sign, the woman reportedly approached the bride’s parents and asked if she had been adopted more than 20 years ago.

The family is said to have been baffled by the question as it had been a secret for a long time, but they further revealed that years ago they actually found a little girl by the roadside.

They raised her as their own daughter.

The long-lost daughter described the moment she met her mother as “happier than the wedding day itself”.

Understandably, she soon became concerned about marrying her older brother, but in another twist, it turned out that he had been adopted and so there were no objections to the impending marriage.

The woman had apparently adopted a boy after losing hope of finding her missing daughter, Oriental Daily reported, and had looked for her for years but to no avail.

She said there would be no problem in the marriage since the two were not biological siblings.

The bride is said to have been “relieved” and the couple ended the wedding ceremony without any major surprises.


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