Mum donates kidney to man who received her late husband's organ

Mum donates kidney to man who received her late husband's organ

A widow donated a kidney to the man who received her deceased husband’s organ 16 years ago – and both are now sitting next to each other in his body.

Bryan Herrington was 35 years old when he fell off a roof while working in 2004, leaving his 49-year-old wife Terri behind.

His organs helped four people in need, including Jeff Granger, 59, who received Bryan’s kidney and pancreas.

Terri and Jeff stayed in touch, and he and his wife Pam became solid friends with the family, including Bryan’s sons Drake (now 21) and Payton (now 16).

When Jeff fell ill again 16 years after Bryan’s donation, Terri stepped in and gave him one of her kidneys.

Speaking to the Real Fix podcast, Terri shared how she felt when she heard Jeff needed help.

Terri from Florida, USA said: “It was like losing Bryan again.

“I had already started thinking about becoming a living donor. We had already talked about it, but nothing was realized.

“Then Jeff posted it on Facebook and I was like, ‘Hello? What part of’ I wanted to give you a new kidney ‘didn’t you get?

“He didn’t think I was serious, but I was. He was shocked that I would think about it.

“I wanted to do it for a stranger, so I can give it to someone who was already part of the family.

“When we found out that we were a perfect match, I called him and asked if he wanted a piece of me. And he just went ‘Sure’!”

Mum donates kidney to man who received her late husband's organ 1

Bryan, a roofer, fell off a house he was working on in July 2004 and hit his head.

He was pronounced brain dead in the hospital and died the following day.

Terri said her husband was always ready to be a donor and decided to grant his wishes.

Meanwhile, Jeff, then 39, found that his kidneys were failing from diabetes, and while he could be dialyzed, he needed a transplant to live longer.

Jeff got Bryan’s pancreas and kidney, while three other people got his heart, lungs, and liver.

Mum donates kidney to man who received her late husband's organ 2

The laws in America mean Terri was able to write to the recipients, and she heard from Jeff thanking her for her husband’s gift for life.

Jeff’s donated kidney failed in January 2019, so he started dialysis again and appealed on Facebook when the search for another donor began.

But he didn’t have to look far because Terri offered him her kidney and last October she was told it was a match.

Speaking to the podcast, which helps people share their own stories in their own words, she said, “If you’re healthy enough and have something that someone else can live longer, why not donate?

“I would give anything to have my husband back and I’m sure everyone on the waiting list would give anything just to have more time.”

The couple had their successful surgeries this March and they talk almost every day.

She told the podcast, which features extraordinary real life stories, “My kidney wouldn’t fit anywhere but next to Bryan’s kidney. Bryan’s kidney is still there, but it just doesn’t work.

“The only place it would fit was right next to it. It’s really a bizarre thing to think about.



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