Mum drives 13 hours to Italy to get Covid jab for nine-year-old daughter

A mother drove her nine-year-old daughter from Maidstone to Milan so the child could get a Covid-19 vaccine.

As reported by the BBC, Alice Columbo took her daughter, who has Italian citizenship, on the hundreds of kilometers long road trip to Milan.

Columbo told the BBC that she took the trip to protect “the world’s most precious commodity.”

She continued, “I’d rather risk a vaccine we know quite a bit about than potluck a virus we know very little about.”

The Kent mother has long voiced her concern about Covid.

“Why shouldn’t I, my daughter, protect the most precious thing in the world instead of risking her turning around to me in five, 10, 15 years and saying: ‘Mom, I have’ heart problems, I have brain problems, I have Lung problems, why didn’t you do everything to protect me back then? “

Columbo said the trip to Italy took 13 hours and she chose to drive herself rather than take a plane to minimize the risks of mixing up with others.

The Covid vaccine is currently only available in the UK to children under 12 if they fall into the clinically at risk category.

However, some European countries have recently started vaccinating children aged five to eleven, including Germany, Spain and Greece.

The UK government has yet to take a decision on vaccinations for primary school children and has announced that it will publish advice on the matter in due course. They added that children between the ages of five and eleven have a very low risk of developing serious illness due to Covid.

Columbo said she was in favor of Britain expanding its vaccination program to include those under the age of 12.

She said, “I am incredibly, incredibly sorry for all of the other parents who share my opinion and want their children to be vaccinated.”

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