Mum embarrassed at 'rude word' plastered over Peppa Pig plate

Mum embarrassed at 'rude word' plastered over Peppa Pig plate

A mother was left red-faced after buying a new Peppa Pig dinner set for her toddler daughter – only to find a “rude word” on the edge of the plate.

Peppa Pig is popular with toddlers and is widely viewed as a healthy dose of animal fun and learning.

But Maggy Van Eijk says she was confused about the sentence on the edge of the plate she bought.

The problem came because Maggy had accidentally bought a French version of the dinner set online.

So where the word “oink” should have circled the record, there was the French version instead.

With a French accent, pigs apparently say “groin” – the word for pig snout.

Maggy shared a photo of the dinner set and tweeted, “My kid just unpacked their new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a French version.

“Now groin area is on every plate and in the cup.”

One supporter said, “I knew French ducks said ‘coin’ but didn’t know pigs talked in the groin. Every day is a school day.”

Another said, “You have more problems than you think. You need to explain that the” oi “in” groin “is pronounced” wa “. So when you hit the English words” oink, oink “be careful how she pronounces them. “

“I am currently living in France and I think that’s funny,” wrote another.

“A child’s first chance to understand that there are many different languages ​​!!!”

“Sorry not to laugh, but you brightened my day,” tweeted another woman.

She told that Evening standard : “She turned two so she literally has no idea what it’s saying, thank god.”



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