Mum finds PrettyLittleThing onesie is definitely not for family nights on sofa in hilarious complaint to retailer

One mom who bought a PrettyLittleThing romper suit claims her teenage sons would “deny” them if she wore them – as hilarious photos show how she discovered the skin-tight outfit revealed MUCH more than she expected would have.

Lindsey Smith ordered the gray onesie for £ 17 in a size 10 to snuggle up with her family in front of the TV.

But Covid tester Lindsey was stunned when she tore open the packaging and tried to slide in, but found it too tight to hold her breasts and claimed it felt two sizes smaller.

A hilarious picture shows the married mother of three, posing for a selfie in the mirror and splashing her luscious cleavage out of the outfit.

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The disappointed 39-year-old then complained to the online retailer, saying that her three teenage sons would have “denied” her if she had walked around the house with them – and is still looking for her “perfect” romper suit.

Lindsey said, “I literally couldn’t pull up a button and I hung everyone out.

“It’s not great when you live in the same house with four men – my husband and three sons.

“It was so disappointing, but I also laughed because you have to find the funny side.

“They said it was a size 10, but it definitely wasn’t. It felt more like a size 6.

“I thought ‘I’ll show you exactly what it looks like’ and took a picture and sent it to you.”

Mum finds PrettyLittleThing onesie is definitely not for family nights on sofa in hilarious complaint to retailer 1

Lindsey’s message read: “Hello, I’ve decided to treat myself to a nice romper suit for those cold winter nights.

“I was very impressed with the fast delivery, but unfortunately I can’t say that about the romper.

“It’s definitely little, but I can’t say it’s very pretty!

“I usually wear size 10, but it feels more like size 6. As you can see in the picture, it doesn’t do me justice at all.

“I have three teenage sons who I think would deny me if I walked around the house like this.

“Could you advise me to return this product. Thank you, Lindsey.”

Mama Lindsey Smith snatched a romper from PrettyLittleThing but claimed her teenage sons would

Lindsey from Aldershot, Hampshire ordered the romper when she discovered what seemed like the perfect choice for cozy nights.

But her excitement soon turned to disappointment when she realized how small she was.

Lindsey said, “I love pajamas and decided to treat myself to one as it looked nice and comfortable.

“I ran a lot back then and walked all over the UK in four months which was really tough.

“That day I thought, ‘I’m going to take a nice bath after a long run and jump into my romper.’

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“I had my bathroom, but when I opened the romper I remember thinking, ‘Gosh, it looks small, I don’t think it will fit’.

“I decided to try a little like you do and it was so tight. When I was trying to get the best I thought, ‘this is not going to happen’.

“It was the hardest part to get rid of.”

Lindsey Smith praised PrettyLittleThing for dealing with the

After contacting PLT, Lindsey received a full refund but is still looking for the perfect outfit to relax in this fall.

Lindsey said, “I sent a message to PLT on Facebook complaining about it. I don’t usually complain, but I thought I had to this time.

“They were really understanding and professional and arranged a refund straight away.

“I’m still looking for that perfect onesie, there aren’t many of them these days.”

PrettyLittleThing said that since the issue was resolved they would not comment.

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