Mum fumes over husband's 'truly disgusting' night-time habit

A mother consulted on the Internet about her husband’s “terrible” nocturnal toilet habit.

She explained that her partner never flushes the downstairs toilet at night – which results in “terrible smells” in the morning.

The mother resented that it was “really disgusting” and added, “he won’t stop doing it”.

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She said his “reasons” ranged from not wanting to wake her and the children to

She asked for advice too Parents forum Mamasnet – and other parents were divided.

To explain her point, the mother wrote, “My husband never flushes the toilet (downstairs) at night. This results in a pan full of very smelly urine (he usually stays up longer than me, taking a few sips) in there before Go to sleep).

“It’s really disgusting and he’s not going to stop doing it.

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“I got home from school and the grocery store this morning (around 10am) and as I passed the toilet door on the first floor, the smell came towards me. The smell inside was awful!

“His reasons for not flushing range from the fact that he doesn’t want to wake the kids (it doesn’t) to“ forgetting ”.

“Please help Mamasnetters, AIBU, find this disgusting and if so, what can I do to make him stop?”

Some parents supported the mother and agreed it was a bad thing. However, others said they rarely flushed the toilet in their own homes for environmental reasons – and urged their husband to drink more water or even seek medical advice.

One wrote, “It’s gross. I don’t know how to get him to act like a sensible adult, though.”

A second said, “Even though he knows you really mind, he still refuses to flush a simple thing like the bloody toilet? His lack of respect is alarming.”

One wrote, “If it really smells that bad, is he dehydrated? We rarely flush wees unless there is a visitor in the house.” If it’s yellow, let it soften “etc. Save water. I have no odor problem Never flush overnight, especially in someone else’s house. You never know how loud the pipes will be! “

Another said, “We never flush the toilet at night. But it is flushed first thing in the morning when everyone is awake. However, if you asked him to rinse it, then Yanbu bed. If he then forgets it, it doesn’t smell that bad. But tbh. I think he has to go to the doctor’s office if his little piece smells so bad !! “

And a third agreed, “It’s not disgusting, you shouldn’t be rinsing every time anyway. Haven’t you heard the mantra,” If it’s yellow, leave it soft, if it’s brown, wash it down “? To rinse every time is a massive waste of water. However, if it smells like he is dehydrated and needs to drink a lot more. “


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