Mum 'gang-raped by 7 men after they murdered five-year-old son in front of her'

A mother was raped by seven men after they murdered her five-year-old son in front of her eyes.

The young man was allegedly strangled by the men ahead of the horrific sex attack in Buxar, India on Saturday.

Police were informed of the incident after the victim’s father, who is over 20 years old, filed an initial intelligence report against two known and five unknown suspected attackers.

Police officer Manoj Kumar Pathak from Murar Police Station said: “According to FIR, the woman went to work at a bank with her son but did not return home on time.

“Her family members found her near a pond at around 3am on Sunday.

“The body of the woman’s son was fished out of the pond.”

The woman’s father also said his grandchild was killed before his mother.

According to local reports, the victim is in stable condition in the hospital.

Buxar Superintendent Neeraj Kumar Singh said they have arrested a 50-year-old man and are looking for a second suspect who is reportedly evading arrest.

Mr Singh said, “Raids are underway to arrest everyone involved in the crime. The woman’s medical examination was carried out by a medical association and the report is awaited.”

The woman is accepted to make her statement in court this week, reports Times of India.

Krishna Kumar Singh, police officer with the Dumraon subdivision, alleged that the victim lived with her parents and did not have good relations with her husband.

He said, “The woman’s husband stayed at his in-laws’ house for the last two days to persuade them to return him.”


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