Mum goes shopping to Aldi but makes huge mistake and only realises when she gets home

One mother was speechless when she came home from her Aldi store to see what was in her trunk.

Sarah Cowan visited her local store when she was spending around £ 75 on her grocery store.

The 48-year-old loaded the goods into her silver Nissan Qashqai, returned her trolley and made her way home – but lost her words when she found that her trunk was empty.

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Shockingly, the single mother found that she had stashed her £ 250 worth of shopping and purse in the wrong trunk after parking next to the exact same model of her car.

Fearing that her purchases and her beloved handbag would be gone forever, the hotel employee Sarah couldn’t believe her luck when Aldi confirmed that her things had been returned.

Now reunited and still confused about her mistake, Sarah’s only wish is to thank the honest driver who got her shopping.

Sarah, who lives in Hightae near Lockerbie, Dumfries, said, “It was such a nice surprise, I couldn’t believe anyone left it.

“It just shows that there are still some good people out there.

“With the current state of the world, it was so nice to see such a friendly gesture.

“I am so grateful that I not only get my purchases back, but also my handbag – it was the last present from my late grandfather and therefore had a high sentimental value.”

Sarah was already unhappy about having to shop after her husband, Darren, 48, suggested buying the groceries on the way home from work.

She said, “I was totally exhausted and just wanted to go home.

“I got to the grocery store asap and thought I was going to milk it, so I told Darren to get me a nice hot bath to get home.

“My car is new and you don’t have to press anything on your keys to open the car.

“I opened the trunk and saw that it looked a little different than normal. It was like the floor where the spare tire normally is had been moved so I wondered why Darren had done this.

“I was tired so I just packed up the groceries, returned the shopping cart, and drove straight home.”

When she got home from the store, Sarah instructed process engineer Darren to unpack the groceries while she jumped in the bathtub, but was stunned when he called up the stairs and said the trunk was empty.

Sarah said, “He yelled up the stairs and asked where the groceries are – I thought what was he doing?

“I told him there were two large blue Ikea laundry bags in the trunk next to my dusty pink handbag, but he insisted the trunk was empty.

“I was annoyed enough before I had to go downstairs, but then I saw the empty trunk and slowly realized that I must have unlocked the wrong car and put my purchases in the wrong trunk.”

Sarah believes she parked her engine next to the exact same model of car – she put her purchases in the trunk of the other car, returned her trolley, and then got into her own car to drive home.

Amazingly, the honest driver who discovered Sarah’s purchases and handbag in the trunk had given the ticket to Aldi, where Darren picked up the groceries.

Grateful for the safe return, Sarah only wishes that the nice stranger left her name so that she could thank them for the sweet gesture.

She said, “I honestly thought I had lost everything.

“I called customer service and explained the strange situation, but couldn’t believe it when they said someone had dropped the ticket.

“I sent Darren straight away to pick it up, but I just wish I knew who the honest, nice stranger is so I could send them flowers or something.”

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