Mum issues warning over 'creepy' WhatsApp scam that stars 'hey mum, it's me'

A mother warned of a “scary” WhatsApp fraud.

The mother was sent a message that appeared to be from her daughter and began with “Hey mom, it’s me”.

But the news was actually from scammers, not her daughter.

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In the message, her “daughter” had begged for help and said she urgently needed cash.

The mother shared her WhatsApp exchange with a Bedford Facebook group to warn others of the danger.

The full first message read, “Hey mom, it’s me. I’ve got a new number, you can delete the old one. “

And after a cheeky reply from the fraudster, the mother was initially convinced that it was her daughter.

When mom asked which “I” it was, they said to her: “Your oldest and cutest child xx.”

They asked for help with two payments and told her her daughter’s bank account had been blocked for fraud.

The mother said, “Fortunately, I called my daughter to talk it over instead of just doing it on WhatsApp! Be careful!!”

Another warning to parents of babies came from a mother on TikTok.

Mums and dads are begged by mothers to control baby’s fingers and toes.

The viral video warns they could lose her after realizing why a toddler wouldn’t stop crying.

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