Mum-of-16 shows off food shop with 14 pork roasts and 24 litres of ice cream

A 16 year old mother has brought her YouTube fans to her numerous fridges and freezers to display all of the groceries needed to feed the largest Australian family.

Jeni Bonell has an entire egg shelf in a refrigerator and keeps 24 liters of ice cream and 14 roast pork in her freezers, preparing meals for days.

Their weekly shop usually costs around £ 250.

Eight chickens have been carved and marinated so that they can be dumped in the oven. There is a large supply of juice cartons for the children, and a frozen Christmas ham has yet to be eaten.

Keeping the five devices clean and organized is no easy task. In a video recently posted on her YouTube page, Jeni explains how she keeps a list of everything she buys and divides the fridges and freezers into separate sections.

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Jeni, 51, also reveals that feeding their 18-year-old family, including her husband Ray, is no easy or cheap job.

The couple from Toowoomba, Queensland have nine sons and seven daughters aged between six and 31 years.

With nearly 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, they have become stars on social media.

Says Jeni in the Video: “We have a large freezer, we have two top-mounted fridges and freezers, and a large pair of ‘pigeons’ with a full fridge and a full freezer.

Jeni and Ray Bonell with their 16 children

Shopping bought from Jeni Bonell

“All of them are pretty well filled, but they were all a bit messed up so I had to clean them up.”

She leads the audience through the big task of cleaning, sorting and storing the equipment.

A fridge / freezer contains prepared chicken and beef dishes that can be removed and reheated.

There are two red wine and garlic chickens, two satay chickens, two smoky grill chickens, and two honeysuckle and garlic chickens.

Jeni carves and prepares the meat as soon as she brings it home from the supermarket and freezes the pieces in a marinade.

The mother also has a huge supply of butter for bread and baking.

Sandwiches prepared by Jeni Bonell

Eat in Jeni Bonell's freezer

Jeni says in the 12-minute clip: “It’s nice when the prepared freezer is full.”

A second freezer holds ice, six four-liter containers of ice cream and desserts that need to be thawed.

They offer 14 roast pork, three roast lamb, two corned beef and 11 packets of sausages.

Jeni says she makes sure she always has at least five liters of milk on hand.

Frozen chickens in Jeni Bonell's freezer

A list of groceries in Jeni Bonell's refrigerators

And has a stack of packets of frozen vegetables to speed up meal preparation.

She tells her viewers to stay organized by keeping a printed list of everything in the fridges and freezers.

She adds, “I have a list of everything I keep in the fridges and freezers and have broken it down into different sections to make it easier for me to keep track of things.

“So there is a meat department, a poultry department, fish, vegetables and desserts as well as various items such as butter, chips, bread and ready-made meals.”

Egg cartons in Jeni Bonell's refrigerator

Jeni Bonell freezes pieces of chicken

If it weren’t so organized, it would mean constant trips to and from the grocery store and chaos in the kitchen.

Jeni puts the food back so that her family always has enough to hand.

The YouTube viewers were impressed by Jeni’s food preparation and organization.

One follower wrote: “I love to see your organization Jeni! You are a great mom!”

Milk jugs in Jeni Bonell's refrigerator

Some of Jeni Bonell's 16 children

Another added, “What a blessing to have all that food!”

A third wrote, “When you opened your freezer and said it was a mess, I think it looks really neat.”

Viewers also shared their own tips to help Jeni organize her fridges and freezers.

One wrote, “Maybe you could get some plastic baskets to separate everything, it should stop the clutter in the freezer.”

Earlier this month, Jeni showed what it’s like to go to stores in the middle of the week.

While most families only take a few things to save them, she came home with £ 73 worth of groceries, including six bottles of 3-quart milk, three loaves of sliced ​​bread, 2 kg of carrots, and 4 kg of potatoes.

A full weekly shop typically costs £ 250.


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