Mum of Brit 20, murdered in front of baby says 'no words can express my pain'

The grieving mother of a British woman murdered in Greece says words cannot describe her heartbreak as police continue to hunt down a group of murderers.

20-year-old student Caroline Crouch was strangled to death in front of her 11-month-old girl Lydia when armed burglars raided her home in an affluent suburb of Athens on May 11.

Ms. Crouch, her baby, and her husband Charalambos (babies) Anagnostopolous were asleep when the intruders broke in around 5 a.m., tied and choked the couple, and demanded cash and jewelry at gunpoint.

Helicopter pilot Anagnostopolous, 33, previously said he had told the gang where to find a Monopoly box worth around £ 10,000 euros – cash the couple had available to help builders after they bought land pay.

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He said he temporarily passed out during the attack because duct tape was wrapped around his neck and mouth. The gang threatened to kill the couple’s uninjured baby.

The intruders killed the family dog ​​before escaping the Glyka Nera home.

Ms. Crouch’s mother, Susan Dela Cuesta, who lives on the Greek island of Alonissos, shared how she struggled to cope with her daughter’s brutal death.

she said MailOnline: “So many people have talked about Caroline and what a lovely person she was. But her death is too raw for me to talk about her. I’m sorry. I’m not in a good place.”

Caroline Crouch and husband Charalambos "Babis" Anagnostopoulos on their wedding day

Charalambos Anagnostopoulos and Caroline Crouch pose for a picture with their baby

She added, “There are no words that can express my pain.”

Police have arrested a Georgian man in Evra, Greece and are still looking for at least three other men.

It is believed that three men broke into the house while a fourth was waiting outside.

Detectives check whether the burglars believed the couple had hidden 100,000 euros in the house for the purchase of land.

Mum of Brit 20, murdered in front of baby says 'no words can express my pain' 1

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Police said Ms. Crouch’s fingernails were sampled to identify their killers.

Clothing and other items were also examined for DNA.

Mr Anagnostopolous looked through a hole in his blindfold and was able to give a description of the intruders, it was reported.

He was able to loosen his bonds and dial his cell phone with his nose and call for help, it was reported.

Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos bursts into tears while speaking to reporters

Caroline Crouch poses for a picture

The first officer on the spot told how he went into the house and found the little girl trying to wake her dead mother.

In a television interview the day after the murder, Mr Anagnostopoulos said he had “asked” the intruders not to harm his family.

He said, “I wish no one would ever go through what we went through last night. It was a nightmare.

“We asked the thieves not to harm us. We told them where the money was and asked them to leave us alone. The police will catch them. “

Charalambos Anagnostopoulos and Caroline Crouch pose for a selfie

The next day, he told reporters that he had no idea his wife was dead until the police arrived and removed the tape from his eyes.

In a touching tribute after Mrs. Crouch’s funeral, Mr. Anagnostopoulos called his wife his “eternal love” when he shared a photo of the beaming couple on a beach on their wedding day.

The helicopter pilot wrote in Greek: “Together forever. Have a good trip, my dear.”

Before his wife’s funeral last week, Mr Anagnostopoulos said to a Spiegel reporter: “She was an amazing person, full of life and full of love.

“Without her, our life will never be the same.

“Take care of your family, sir. Value your loved ones as much as possible.”

A police source told Mega TV: “We suspect three members of the gang went inside and one member was waiting outside to look out.

“We believe the killer felt compelled to murder Caroline because she saw his face and would identify him to the police.

“But they spared Babi’s husband because they thought he was unconscious and unable to see.”

Police looked at other break-ins and a long list of potential suspects in their investigation into Ms. Crouch’s murder.

The Greek government has announced a £ 260,000 reward for information.


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