Mum-of-five's heartbreaking Facebook posts before she died from Covid-19

A family shared their mother’s last Facebook posts before she tragically died of Covid-19.

Karen Hobbs, 40, fell into a coma and suffered cardiac arrest before passing away on January 19.

The Cardiff mother of five feared “she might not make it” and now her family has recognized her as a “beautiful” and loving mother.

Karen was “fit and healthy” according to her family and was hospitalized on December 27th after contracting the virus before Christmas.

Now, a week after her death, her family has spoken out to urge people to abide by the lockdown rules. reports Wales Online.

Rachel Hobbs, Karen’s sister, described the days before Karen was hospitalized: “For the first few days she was at home. There was basically nothing she could do, she was in bed, with no energy.

“I thought she was going to break down because of her coughing and breathing.

“You see it on TV when you have oxygen and everything, but it’s different when someone stands in front of you and does it.

“It’s probably the worst I’ve ever seen.”

In a series of haunting updates, posts shared on Facebook provide a glimpse into life in the intensive care unit after they were rushed to the University Hospital of Wales.

A post on December 28th said, “Well, I was sent home from the hospital last night just to call an ambulance because I couldn’t breathe, so back at the hospital … it’s way closed say Covid really kicked me. ” Butt!”

Another post two days later adds, “The lady in bed across from me just died before me – from Covid. Poor poor lady, the nurses worked so hard to get her back but couldn’t be helped.

“Let this serve as a warning to anyone who still thinks it’s okay to break the rules.”

Mum-of-five's heartbreaking Facebook posts before she died from Covid-19 1

Mum-of-five's heartbreaking Facebook posts before she died from Covid-19 2

On New Year’s Eve, Karen described “having difficulty responding to people’s good wishes,” adding, “I can’t keep sitting and texting.”

But it wasn’t until after an update on January 2 that Rachel and her family realized how serious her sister’s condition was.

A post shared online by Karen said, “Place in one [induced] Coma and warned that I could not make it, please everyone pray for me that I will wake up from it and come home to my children. Fear is not the right word! “

Rachel, 41, told about Karen’s last days and said, “We got a call the week before she died.

“We all went that Tuesday and the counselor came in and explained a little about what was happening and how sick she was. It was a multiple organ failure they called it. He was basically saying, ‘We think they’re dying becomes’.

“We were just stunned. We thought she would be fine.”

l, brother Chris and Karen’s ex-partner Pete were able to visit Karen in person one last time. The following days have not yet occurred to her family.

A week later, Rachel spoke about how she had planned to move in with Karen and their children Dylan, 14, Niamh, 11, Amelia, 9, Sam (8) and Olivia (4) to help the family again to get on her feet when she was released.

In her memory, ICU staff gave each of Karen’s children a handprint, a strand of hair and a memory box.

Rachel said, “She was just in a coma. She looked pretty peaceful, she wouldn’t have known about it.

“Then the kids went to her, they were really upset. They had a child psychologist there who explained it to them.

“We were just amazed. We just thought she’d be in and out in a couple of weeks and be better.

“It didn’t sink it. I didn’t think it would be you, a fit and healthy person.”

Her death is particularly difficult for Karen’s family to process, as the Pentwyn mother is determined to abide by the lockdown rules.

While Rachel could have seen her sister under different circumstances and fetched her one last time for the funeral, such wishes are no longer possible.

Rachel added, “She didn’t go out, she shopped online. In lockdown, I would go around waving to the kids out of the garden or standing outside and she would open the window and I would stand away and talk to her through the window.

“The only other place she would have gone is to school and back, but otherwise she would be in the house.

“”[People breaking the rules]It makes you angry. My poor sister is gone now and she was the most careful person. Then you have people out there for better or for worse. “

Paying tribute to her “fun,” no-nonsense sister, Rachel added, “She was a real mom. She’d sit there and paint for hours, she’d play games.

“They are so good, the five, when they are over you would not know they are there.

“The youngest don’t really understand. Their mother was there the whole time.

Mum-of-five's heartbreaking Facebook posts before she died from Covid-19 3

“Her friends said she had the biggest heart. She was always there for everyone else. Even though she was busy all the time, she would always have time for other people.”

In the days since Karen’s death, friends set up a GoFundMe page to support their children and father.

To date, more than £ 7,000 has been raised out of a £ 10,000 goal.

Appreciating the site, organizer Jemma Greenman said, “Karen was unique and the best friend anyone could ever want. We will forever keep our brilliant memories of our time together in our hearts. We love you, Kar.”


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