Mum of terminally ill boy moved to tears by kindness of B&M staff

The mother of a terminally ill boy was moved to tears by the friendliness of the staff at a B&M store.

Toni Bluck wanted to buy her son Caelan a hanging egg chair after he discovered one while shopping in a store. Since she did not have enough money to buy the chair that day, she vowed to buy one a few days later. Upon arrival, however, the 24-year-old was informed that the item was no longer in stock and that only the display chair was left.

Toni, who lives in St. Helens, Merseyside, explained Caelan’s circumstances to the store manager and it was agreed that they could take the display chair home with them. The act of kindness left Toni in tears.

Caelan has a child’s “muscle debilitating” Pompe disease and is on a life-sustaining machine. His condition means that little Caelan is suffering from muscle weakness, poor mobility, heart defects, and other health problems. Toni says she wants to “give him everything she can” before he dies.

Talk to the MEN, She said, “I hate to say no to him, he doesn’t ask much and I want to give him everything I can before he dies. I showed (the store manager) the picture of him holding onto it, and explained his circumstances. She agreed I should have it and had some of the guys dismantle it. I burst into tears; I couldn’t explain how grateful I was for their kindness. They were all so beautiful. She loved me even given a 10 percent discount! ”

Mother Toni said Caelan sat in his chair for six hours

Toni and Caelan’s father, Nathan Chapman, travels to Manchester every two weeks for treatment to “keep him alive as long as possible”. Right now they are at home enjoying life as best they can.

Toni continued, “I was so excited to get in the car and set it up before my son got home from school. When I picked him up, I told him I had a big surprise for him when he was waiting at home. He immediately suspected it was the chair, laughed and giggled all the way home and said, “I knew it”.

“When we got home, he sat right in the chair – he was so excited. He kept saying “I love it”, he stayed in it for six hours yesterday! Because of his illness, he never feels comfortable in chairs or wheelchairs. It’s very hard to keep him happy while sitting for a long period of time, but this chair was great for him.

“There is no life expectancy for this disease, but he’s on a life support machine to give him the longest possible time with us.”

Debbie, the Leigh store manager, said, “When we heard the customer’s story, we knew we wanted to help her find an egg chair for her son. We are very happy that we could make both of them so happy. “


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