Mum of two kids 'killed by dad and dumped at sea' wishes she had died with them

The mother of two, allegedly killed and thrown at sea by their father, said in a heartbreaking letter that she wished she had died with them.

Police are still looking for Tomas Gimeno and his youngest daughter Anna after finding the body of his eldest Olivia, six, in a gym bag on Thursday tied to an anchor more than 3,000 feet underwater off the coast of Tenerife.

An empty travel bag was also found which authorities believe contained Anna.

A judge investigating the trio’s disappearance on April 27 has accused Gimeno, 37, of killing his children and leaving their bodies where he did “planned and willful to inflict inhuman pain on his ex-partner to add “.

Mother Beatriz Zimmerman, who announced her daughters’ disappearance on social media prior to the dismal discovery earlier this week, admitted that she had accepted that Anna was also dead, in an open thank you letter to people who, by spreading her SOS Messages and prayers had helped.

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Calling her former partner’s actions “the most monstrous act a person can commit,” she said she hoped the deaths of Olivia and Anna were not in vain and would lead to more protection, education and respect for children.

She added, “They are now two angels born to teach a great lesson at the expense of their own lives.”

She also admitted that she would now give anything to perform the “simple” act of combing her hair, admitting, “As a mother, my soul pains not being able to save her life.

“I wish I had been with them in that moment, held their hands and died together.

“But that couldn’t happen because Tomas wanted me to look for them without rest and for the rest of my life. That was the reason why he let me live. “

Beatrice described the discovery of Olivia’s body on Thursday as a “miracle” brought about by the Love and Energy Greeters after the news of their daughters disappeared: “When they told me the news, my world broke around me around together and although it is very difficult, at least now I can weep for their loss and feel my girls by my side every moment when I wake up when I have breakfast, all day until bedtime. “

April, the day Gimeno allegedly abducted and disappeared with his daughters, was supposed to be a National Children’s Day and wrote, “I hope that the death of the girls will help create greater awareness of the love we have for our children Give appreciation and when we are with them, we don’t have other things on our minds, we concentrate on them.

“They need us and they worship us. Olivia and Anna, now the little angels of the children, ask you to convey to your children all the love, devotion, respect and values ​​for a better world.

The ship “Angeles Alvarino” of the Spanish Oceanographic Institute (IEO) continues the search for one-year-old Anna Gimeno and her father Tomas Gimeno

“They may have died in the body, but their soul is with us all forever and helps us to have more awareness, love and respect for ourselves.

“The vast majority of people are incredible beings, they showed it with compassion and pain in this cruel act.”

She signed her letter: “Beatrice, mother of Olivia and Anna, the little angels.”

A Spanish judge charged with investigating the disappearance of Gimeno and his daughters sketched the night he allegedly murdered them when she said the ongoing criminal investigation should be brought to a specialized tribunal for violent crimes against women in the capital, Santa Cruz in Tenerife.

Gimeno disappeared after allegedly telling his ex-partner that she would never see their children again after starting a new relationship.

Priscila Espinosa Guterriez said in a nine-page written judgment detailing the conclusions she had reached in announcing her decision: “The evidence points to the intention of Tomas Gimeno on the 27th and to move her to an unknown location, rather her to kill in a planned and deliberate manner in order to inflict inhuman pain on his ex-partner. “

She added: “He purportedly tried to create uncertainty about the fate of his daughters by hiding their bodies on the ocean floor after killing them and choosing a place deep underwater and far from the coast to where he was thought that they would never be found.

“All of this happened after telling his ex and close circle that he was going to disappear with the girls and that they would not be seen again.”

The father of two was filmed on CCTV while carrying the gym bags he allegedly stuffed his daughters’ bodies into from his Audi A3 to his boat in a marina in the capital, Santa Cruz.

Tomas Gimeno

The empty ship, without anchor, was discovered off Puertito de Guimar on the eastern corner of the island, just over 10 miles south of Santa Cruz, hours after he and the girls disappeared.

A search ship provided to police by the Spanish Oceanographic Institute, named Angeles Alvarino, continues to comb the seabed in the area where Oliva’s body was found.

A scuba tank and duvet cover from the youth’s father were discovered more than 3,000 feet underwater near the same area on Monday.

Fears grow that if Anna’s body is left in the empty travel bag that police discover, Anna’s body may never be found.


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