Mum outraged after skirt deemed 'too short' on first day of school

One mother was outraged when her daughter was threatened with imprisonment for her short skirt.

Tammy Humphreys’ daughter received a note warning her that she could be withheld after class if she was wearing the outfit again.

Her skirt, which she wore on her first day at Ysgol Eifionydd in Porthmadog, North Wales, was reportedly too short because it was above the knee and not knee length as the school’s uniform policy provides.

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Tammy told the story North WalesLive she “couldn’t believe it” when her daughter told her she would be jailed if she wore the skirt again.

She said it was the same kind of skirt the student had worn the previous year, only one size bigger.

Tammy shared a picture of her daughter in the school uniform she wore that day, which received more than 100 incredulous responses on Facebook.

The 8th grade student was one of 18 students at the school who received a warning on the first day of the school year because of their uniform.

Tammy said, “My daughter came back from her first day of school on Monday and told me she was detained because of her uniform, which made no sense to me as she looked perfectly fine.

“Then I found out that several other students were in detention for the same reason – with one student being cautioned for wearing ankle socks.

“Some of the others, I was told, have been jailed for wearing piercings, too much makeup, and sneakers, which is understandable.

“But I can’t see the problem with my daughter’s uniform. She had black shoes, plain black tights, a sweater that is a little too big for her, and a skirt that sits just above the knee.”

The letter Tammy received said her daughter would be in custody until 4:30 p.m. on Wednesday after school if she was warned twice more about the skirt.

Headmistress Dewi Bowen said the detention period was now moved to lunchtime on Wednesday and would only apply to students who received three “strikes” against their uniform.

The school’s uniform policy prohibits “unacceptably short skirts” as well as “jeans, leggings or tracksuits” and “sneakers or shoes with white markings, logos or soles”.

False nails, makeup (with a few exceptions) and unnatural hair coloring are also prohibited.

However, Tammy – and many others on social media – disagreed with the belief that her daughter’s skirt was “unacceptably short,” saying she wouldn’t change anything on her daughter’s uniform “because it’s clearly fine.”

“She wore the same kind of skirt last year and there weren’t any problems – it’s ridiculous,” she said.

“I was sent a letter and email stating that her uniform is incorrect because her skirt is not the correct length and that if it is not changed, she will be sent to custody.

“I refused to sign this letter and told you that you can buy it if you want.”

Mr. Bowen said, “Ysgol Eifionydd has a school uniform policy to give students a sense of belonging and to ensure an orderly and calm atmosphere.

“When students returned to school in April, we focused on making sure students were comfortable and supported.

“Since our return in September, it has been important to us as a school that we return to normal, including the right school uniform.

“All parents were informed in two letters about the school uniform rules before the summer vacation and reminded before the return of the students on September 6th.

“It was declared that violations of the school rules will be dealt with in accordance with the school’s disciplinary code and that of course any sanction will be lifted if the students comply with them.”

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