Mum posing for zoo photo left fuming after emu eats expensive Tiffany earring

An emu devoured a woman’s expensive jewelry when she got too close to the bird while she was taking a selfie.

Ashna Ali was surprised by the large land bird at the Sydney Zoo.

As the mother of two got closer to ‘Bert the Emu’, she felt encouraged to take a picture of them.

Instead of posing courteously, the world’s second highest breed of birds pounced on her earlobe and sniffed her designer earring, which was £ 280 from Tiffany.

Just before the photo was taken, Bert could be seen looking at the sparkling piece of jewelry – while Ashna is completely unaware of what will happen shortly.

“You can see him peeking out my earring,” Ashna said 9Now.

“I sat down and when I finished clicking he just grabbed it, grabbed my ear, I felt a kiss. That could have been my daughter’s eye. “

Ashna was able to show photos of the suspicious bird to the zoo staff, and the audacious predator was identified.

The zoo staff assured her that nature would take its course and that the earring would soon reach the other end of the bird.

They suggested that she would be reunited with the jewelry in a week.

The stolen earring cost £ 280

Unfortunately, after seven days there was still no sign of the Tiffany earring, but the zoo stepped inside and offered to pay for a replacement.

“Seven days have passed, the earring has not shown up, which is not surprising. We contacted Tiffany’s who said they will be making another earring which will take about two weeks,” said zoo manager Chris Rivett.

Emus can be notoriously assertive and confident animals, especially if they’re used to interacting with people in zoos.

It is advisable not to come on the wrong side.

They can grow up to six feet, run faster than 30 miles per hour, and go without food for weeks.


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