Mum shamed over husband's 'inappropriate' funeral outfit

A mother asked for advice after being ashamed of her husband’s funeral outfit.

The woman attended her grandmother’s funeral with her partner on a warm day.

He wasn’t wearing a black suit or jacket, so he dressed smartly in black pants, a white shirt with a black tie and black shows.

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However, she announced that her father had subsequently told her that he thought the outfit was “inappropriate” and revealed that her husband was “not brought up properly”.

The mother divided the story Parents forum Mamasnet and asked if not having a suit jacket at a funeral was a faux pas.

The entry read: “We recently attended my grandmother’s funeral. My husband has never had to wear a suit for work so he only has one suit in blue that he wears for weddings. To the funeral he wore black suit pants, white shirt, black tie and black shoes, everything ironed, shoes polished, etc. I thought he looked smart and respectful. It was a very warm day, so no coat.

“A few weeks later, my father told me that he felt my husband was dressed inappropriately because he wasn’t wearing a full suit most of the time; he said it showed my husband was not brought up properly.

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“I was really stunned. I didn’t tell my husband because he would be ashamed if he knew. There were many men at the funeral in old, ill-fitting suits or sweaters and chinos that looked much less chic to me . ” . Isn’t a suit jacket a big faux pas at a funeral? ”

The users supported her and told her there was nothing wrong with the outfit.

One wrote: “I think your father is completely out of order and is projecting something. Sounds like your husband is well dressed. I really think it doesn’t matter what people wear to a funeral as long as it’s dark and chic. “

A second said, “Your dad is out of order.

A third advised, “What your DH was wearing sounds good. Funerals are a bit like weddings where emotions run high. Your DF is grieving and thrashing. Be there for him and let him loose a little DH. It he was fine. I’m sorry for your loss. “

A fourth wrote: “Don’t tell your husband what has been said, give it to your father really badly!”

And a fifth added, “I think there is nothing wrong with what your husband wore. At my husband’s funeral, I don’t remember what anyone was wearing. Dad can have been so upset about losing your grandmother if he’d had the headroom to see what people were wearing. “


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