Mum slams water park for 'body shaming' teen daughter by weighing her before ride

The mother struck at Adventure World in Perth, Australia when her teenage daughter was weighed in public and then told that she could no longer try the waterslide after it “flashed red.”

Adventure World got guests to step on the scales before they were allowed to ride (

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A mother accused a water park of shaming her daughter and other visitors by weighing them before allowing them to ride.

The humiliated 13-year-old had to take a “walk of shame” on other snake guests after discovering the difficult news that she could not continue.

Adventure World in Perth, Australia was forced to apologize for installing the scale system.

Claims that the measures would help the amusement park “manage security” were slammed for the reckless measures.

If the drivers were rated as “too difficult”, suddenly a right light flashed and they had to return to the park.

The girl’s mother – who did not give her name to protect her from further embarrassment – says her daughter felt “humiliated and embarrassed” after going through the weight control.

she said Western Australia says her child was asked to leave the queue.

The angry parent said, “My oldest daughter took my youngest daughter, who has special needs, on the slides.

“She noticed the power machine but was just standing up with her sister and friends.

“When she reached the top, she was stopped and asked to stand on a power machine.

CEO Andrew Sharry apologized, stressing that the park “will do better”


Alamy Stock Photo)

“After the lights flickered red, the operator went to her and said, ‘Sorry, you weigh this amount and you can’t go down’.”

She complained to bosses who have now apologized.

In a statement on Facebook, CEO Andrew Sharry said he spoke to the angry family.

He said, “In our efforts to put in place critical systems to better manage the safety of some of our waterslides, we have mismanaged communications from these new waterslide systems and angered our guests.”

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“On Monday, I connected with a body image and eating disorders expert and can now see how these waterslide safety systems are found to be traumatic and disturbing to some of our guests and members.

“I am sincerely sorry that we inflicted this plight on our guests and members.

“Our goal is to create happiness and magical memories. We did not achieve that on this occasion and I acknowledge that we can do better.

“I spoke to the affected family and apologized personally for the damage we caused.”

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