Mum stuns other parents by teaching son to use potty by himself at just 6 months old

A mum claims her one-year-old son can “go potty 90 percent of the time,” a habit he picked up when he was just six months old – and the revelation shocked other mums and dads

Mum potty training her 6 month old baby

A mother left other parents in awe when she revealed her son started potty training on his own when he was just six months old.

The revelation shocked mothers and fathers who had resigned themselves to changing their babies’ diapers during their children’s first few years of life.

However, TikTok user @montessori.mothering claims her son, who just turned one, is able to “go potty 90 percent of the time,” and he did it when he was just six months accustomed.

The woman said it was “no joke” and claimed in a video posted to the platform that it’s very possible to teach your child to use the potty from an early age.

She said she uses a technique known as elimination communication, in which a baby is placed on a potty from an early age when they signal they need to go to the bathroom.

Some parents have uploaded comments on the videos about the tried and tested method of elimination communication


Montessori. maternity / tiktok)

The TikTok videos have proved popular with parents looking to ditch their diapers


Montessori. maternity / tiktok)

In a video explaining how she trains her son, the woman describes potty training him every “two to three hours” and every time they wake up and after eating.

To make it a habit, she always made sure toilet time was fun and “no pressure” by giving him a special toy book and making “grunt/shush” noises.

To ease the process, she said it’s key to “look for clues they need to potty train.”

Wearing cloth diapers or training underwear is also important, she said, so the baby feels wet and knows when to pee.

Wearing cloth diapers or training underwear is also important, the mother said, so that the baby feels wet and knows when to pee


Montessori. maternity / tiktok)

TikToker @montessori.mothering explained that elimination communication toilet training could start “from birth”.


Montessori. maternity / tiktok)

In another video, she explained that elimination-communication-toilet-training could start “from birth.”

Her TikTok videos on the toilet training method have proved popular with parents looking to change diapers, garnering more than 1.5 million views.

Many parents expressed disbelief – and jealousy – that the mother didn’t have to worry about diapers.

“How? Mine just turned one and I need to teach him ASAP,” one person wrote.

“Too much work… I’d rather buy the diapers,” commented another. “You’ll be potty trained one day.”

Others agreed that elimination communication was a tried and tested method that they had used with their children with great success.

“My boy pooped in the toilet at three months old,” one commented.

“The same goes for my children. So much easier than a toddler with his own mind,” said another.

Late last year, we reported on another TikTok mom who claimed she defied the odds by raising her son and getting him to use a potty when he was just a day old.

Mother Margaret, from Australia, said she wanted to dispel the notion that babies cannot be potty trained when she gives birth to her son.

To prove her claim that she managed to get him to use the potty from birth, Margaret posted a photo of her newborn being held over a plastic potty on TikTok.

She captioned the photo, “He stopped pooping at night at four weeks.”

Margaret claims she managed to do this using the same strategy – “elimination communication”.

Margaret wrote on TikTok, adding that her son could let her know he had to walk from five weeks of age by grunting, reports Kidspot.

By 13 months, she added, he was potty training himself and wore underwear that stayed dry all day.

At 20 months, Margaret claims her tot stayed sober all night – which means he was basically potty trained.

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