Mum threatens to 'burn flat down' after horrifying discovery in kids' beds

One mother said she wanted to burn down her apartment after making a terrible discovery in cots

The mother explained how her children showed up one day in places that disappeared the next day.

But while checking her racing car beds, she found a “little teen bug.”

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She killed it, but then discovered more on the carpet under the bed.

She posted Pictures of the bugs on Mumsnet, and asked other parents if they were bed bugs.

“AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to burn down my apartment.

“Both children get to the point on Monday. Suspected chickenpox, didn’t itch and the redness subsided the next day.

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“I wash all of the linens etc on the same day. Today I thought I’d double-check the beds. The kids have race car beds that are low to the floor, slate sheets are about 3 inches for the floor. Pulled up the mattress, one Teen saw “tiny bug … killed it.

“Then I saw a couple on the carpet, under the slates. I put down a white baby towel and a couple drove on it.

“I assume bed bugs, baby bed bugs in the picture … I requested fumigation for Friday lunchtime and the children can sleep with me tonight, I’ve attached a picture.

“These are bed bugs, aren’t they?”

Other users confirmed that they were bed bugs and gave the mother advice on how to get rid of them.

One said, “We had BB once, it was horrible! But we got rid of her. The council fumigation came on but I think what really got rid of it was to throw away all the beds and bedding. Which was an expensive decision at the time. “

A second wrote, “I would call the Pest Control Council, ours were brilliant when we had mice.”

And a third added, “We had an infestation a few years ago. The fumigators said they couldn’t guarantee they would get rid of it and they usually had to come back several times. So we have different bombs, steamers, etc and it Took a long time but eventually they got rid of them with Zero In Spray after a friend advised us to get rid of their infestation.

“My advice is to remove the curtains and wash. If possible, pack everything in the room and put it outside and wash / spray / freeze / heat treat everything before putting it back in. Get bed bug sheets for the mattresses, spray the bed thoroughly or remove if there are cracks that you cannot reach.

“The dryer kills them, the washing machine only at 60 degrees. The freezer should kill them, but the items have to sit for a few days. Spray the carpet, curtains, under furniture. Check for cracks in the wallpaper, check the backs from doors, under toy boxes etc, especially cloth boxes. If they can hide in them, just come back. Spray weekly until they’re gone. A heavy duty steamer can be used instead of or in addition to spraying. We found the spray to be more effective. “


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