Mum was wrapping Christmas presents when she was told her children, 9 and 10, had died

Catherine Di Blasio remembered the horrific moment when police knocked on her door to tell her that her children had been killed in a plane crash near Brisbane, Australia

Catherine Di Blasio (center) with her two children Lucas (9) (left) and Lavinia (10) (right) (

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A mother was told that her children were killed in a tragic plane crash while wrapping Christmas presents at home.

Catherine Di Blasio was preparing for Christmas when she knocked on the door of the police and told her that her daughter Lavinia Mocanu (10) and her son Lucas (9) had died in the accident on Sunday.

They had traveled in a Cessna plane with their father, Cris Mocanu, 41, and pilot Robert Watterson, 67, who also died shortly after taking off from Redcliffe near Brisbane Australia Online mail.

Ms. Di Blasio had taken the children to her father’s house that morning, unaware that they were going to take the small plane ride that had come as a surprise for Lucas’s birthday in November.

“When they came to me, the detectives, I packed the children’s Christmas presents,” she said The courier mail.

“I was just telling them, ‘Have fun guys, I love you guys.’

“My son turned around and said ‘love you too, mom’ and they left.”

67-year-old businessman Robert Watterson was the pilot of the Rockwell International light aircraft that took Mr. Mocanu and his two children on the flight on Sunday

Ms. Di Blasio and her ex-partner Mr. Mocanu, who worked for Mr. Watterson’s Lincom Group, had moved to Australia 14 years ago from Montreal, Canada.

Relatives are expected to arrive in the coming weeks to support them after their children have been lost.

The nurse said she bought Pokemon cards as part of Lucas’ Christmas present and a pair of sneakers for her daughter Lavinia.

She added, “They all wanted a gold chain so I bought them one with my savings a few months ago and was looking forward to giving it to them.”

Some reports suggest the engine stopped shortly after starting

Under the direction of an Australian traffic safety bureau, investigators are investigating what caused the Rockwell International plane to crash.

Some reports suggest that the engine stopped shortly after it started.

According to police, the plane crashed at the end of a runway in Redcliffe, about 20 miles northeast of Brisbane.

Divers have recovered the bodies of two adults and two children from the upturned wreck near the coast, Police Inspector Craig White confirmed.

Queensland police and forensic teams were spotted at Scarborough Marina following the December 19 plane crash


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A Gofundme page raised more than A $ 33,000 for the children’s funeral.

On the page, Tracey Baughman wrote: “My brother Catherine’s partner is suffering from the worst nightmare of any parent, the unimaginable loss of their two children, Lucas and Lavinia.

“I am devastated for the family, even more so at this time of year when the family should be together.

“Catherine adored her children and is a much loved and hardworking nurse who has worked tirelessly through this pandemic.

The investigation into the crash continues.

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