Mum who guzzled 21 cans of Red Bull every week sheds 7 stone to swerve diabetes

A mother who drank 21 cans of Red Bull each week fell off seven stones after throwing away the carbonated drink.

Dilay Acur, 26, was addicted to the energy drink, which contains more than two teaspoons of sugar per can.

The mother of two drank three a day and mocked two dinners a night along with snacks for over a year.

Dilay, from Sydney, Australia, says she was on the verge of diabetes when she tipped the scales at 15st 6lbs.

Dilay’s supportive husband, Erdi, 32, has spent £ 7,000 [$12,640] for gastric sleeve surgery that involves removing 75 percent of your stomach.

The mother, who stayed at home, said: “I used to drink three cans of Red Bull a day because my body wanted it.

“I didn’t drink it for energy reasons – I just loved the taste.

“Doctors used to scold me and tell me to stop drinking it, but it was almost like I needed it.

“I had the same feeling at night after my dinner.

“After about an hour, I would long for another serving as if I hadn’t just eaten.”

The mother has lost seven stones since she gave up the carbonated drink

Dilay admits that she was “disappointed” in herself when her body got bigger.

She tried dieting, but an overactive thyroid gland known as hyperthyroidism made it difficult to lose weight.

Dilay was operated on at the Hurstville Private Hospital in Sydney last July.

She said, “My health was at stake as I had excessive fatty liver disease and was almost prediabetic.

“My skin became flaky like a reptile.

“I suffered from acid reflux and heartburn – I knew I had to change.

Dilay from Australia drank three Red Bulls a day for over a year

“I had a serious conversation with my husband, who is a subcontractor, and we both agreed that weight loss surgery is the best option.

“My doctor referred me and then I was ready to move on.

“I can’t thank Erdi enough for supporting me so much.”

But the operation was not an easy way out, Dilay had to change her bad habits.

She was forced to stop drinking Red Bull to make sure the stomach tube was working to his advantage.

Dilay shared her story to help others in similar situations

The mother, who stays at home, says she is on the verge of diabetes

She said, “It was so difficult to adjust to a smaller stomach and a new diet.

“But it’s absolutely worth it.

“I used to be disgusted with how I looked, but now I couldn’t be happier.

“I have so much natural energy and can play with my children Ayaz (4) and Ayla (2) without a break.

“Not only has my body changed, but also my mentality.

“I feel so much more positive and comfortable in my own skin.”

Old diet

Breakfast – McDonalds sausage and egg mccmuffin with hash browns Lunch – Chicken with fries and salad Dinner – Rice with meat and vegetables x2 Servings of snacks – Chips and chocolate, Red Bull x3

New diet

Breakfast – two eggs with tomatoes, cucumber, cheese and olives lunch – fish & salad dinner – protein-based meal – steak / chicken with salad snacks – protein yogurt


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