Mum with 'worst contraception luck ever' falls pregnant twice on pill then again after hubby has snip

A mother of five, “worst luck ever” with contraceptives, vowed to get sterilized – after getting pregnant TWICE while taking the pill and having a third “miracle” baby after her husband had the snippets.

Kate Harman and her husband Dan decided to have a vasectomy in July 2015 after becoming pregnant with their fourth child, Lottie, despite using contraception.

But three years later, the 39-year-old had the “shock of her life” when she discovered she was expecting pregnancy – and a subsequent home fertility test showed that Dan actually had normal sperm counts despite the procedure.

The beautician unfortunately miscarried but believed it was fate that they should have more children, tried again and just a few weeks later she became pregnant with Buddy, who is now two years old.

Kate called him her “miracle baby” because he was conceived after a vasectomy – believed to be more than 99% effective – and survived despite the risks that led doctors to advise her to have an abortion.

After the “absolutely insane” series of events, the devoted mother said she would be neutered early next year, even though her husband, the business owner, said that if she does get pregnant after that, “so be it”.

Kate of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire said, “The chances of having another baby after the vasectomy and then having the miscarriage, I just think he’s my miracle baby.

“I think we could definitely be the unlucky couple when it comes to contraception, that’s why I get sterilized.

“I’ve read it and not all sterilizations are 100% effective. Dan has already said that it should be like this if I get pregnant after sterilization.”

The 12-year-old esthetician claims she became pregnant while taking the pill with her eldest son Charlie, 20, and believes that her IBS symptoms or medication may have interfered with birth control.

Kate on vacation with her

The 39-year-old wasn’t sure if to try again, but tried again after a doctor’s confirmation.

Kate said, “I took the pill and I got pregnant with Lottie six months after giving birth to Stanley.

“Because we had our little girl who was a surprise too, I said, ‘I’m not doing birth control anymore, I’m done’ and he said, ‘I’m going to do a vasectomy’.

“He had it done. He was in a lot of pain, as you can imagine a man talking about it over and over again. I just thought, ‘I pushed four babies out, man up.’

“He was supposed to send a sample to have his sperm count checked and I was on his case the whole time and said, ‘Get it checked, you have to send it off,’ and he said, ‘No, the doctor said it is. .. 99.9% effective, I’m fine.

The Harman's five from right to left: Charlie, 20, Alfie, 14, Stanley, 8, Lottie, 7 and Buddy, 2

“So we went on as usual and I had unprotected sex for three or four years, then my period was late. I’m never late, usually I’m always early.

“My twin sister said to me ‘You’re pregnant’ and I said ‘No, I’m not, I can’t be pregnant, Dan had the vasectomy’.”

But the next day, now that Kate was five days late, she took a pregnancy test, which came back positive.

Kate said, “I had the complete shock of my life watching the test. I was shocked and scared and thought, ‘How are we going to survive?’ because we only live in a four bedroom house.

“I sent him a photo of it and he said ‘what?’ and I said ‘I’m pregnant’ and he said ‘you can’t be that’.

Mum with 'worst contraception luck ever' falls pregnant twice on pill then again after hubby has snip 1

“I said, ‘I didn’t have an affair’ and he said, ‘No, no, I don’t think you had an affair’.

“I went out to do another pregnancy test and a male fertility test at home and we did both and mine was positive and his sperm count was normal.

“He said, ‘I can’t believe I had this damn surgery and it didn’t work,’ and we both laughed in the bathroom. He said, ‘I went through all this pain for free’ and I was like, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter ‘. “

Kate said Dan called the doctors who told him the vasectomy definitely worked as they were protected for about three years but that they thought his fallopian tubes were reconnected.

Kate said, “I failed this pregnancy. I was so excited when I thought I was going to have another baby and at that point Dan was excited after we got over the shock.

The happy couple had thought of baby number six during the initial lockdown ... but then Kate changed her mind

“I said to Daniel, ‘This is God telling us we can have more children. There was a reason for this miscarriage ‘and he said,’ No, I’m really sorry, but we don’t have any more ‘.

“I worked my magic and convinced him to try again, and he agreed, so I became pregnant with Buddy two weeks after my first period after the miscarriage.

“I was so happy and Dan was really excited.

“In the first lockdown, I tried to convince him with baby number six and he agreed and then I had a really bad couple of weeks with Buddy and then I changed my mind.

“‘I’m really motherly, love babies and have a big family.”

Kate with all her children after Buddy's miraculous birth

Buddy was even more of a “miracle baby” as he faced numerous complications, including Group B Strep who left Kate in the hospital so badly that the doctors pushed her to have an abortion or she might “die,” but she refused .

Kate said, “You pushed me to have an abortion, but I said no. It was terrible.

“I was alone because Dan was at home with all the other kids and all these doctors around me were saying, ‘Either you or you have to get rid of it.’ [of baby] basically because you could die ‘. “

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