Mum's agony as toddler diagnosed with cancer year after partner died from same disease

Devastated mother Brooke Bretherton from Byron Bay made the nightmarish discovery last week that her daughter Peachy had a large lump and was told she had Ewing’s sarcoma

Peachy will now undergo chemotherapy to fight the disease (

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A grieving mother who lost her partner to cancer a year ago was hit by a second tragedy when her one-year-old daughter battles a rare form of the disease, reports say.

Devastated mother Brooke Bretherton made the nightmarish discovery last week that her daughter Peachy had a large knot.

When Brooke, from Byron Bay, saw a change in the girl’s behavior, she took the girl to the hospital for tests, where it was determined that she had a tumor and was undergoing chemotherapy.

And in a heartbreaking twist, the shock diagnosis came a little over a year after her husband Joel died of a brain tumor in July after being diagnosed in 2006.

The devastating news came as Mama Brooke continued to mourn her deceased partner



To to It was Mrs. Bretherton’s mother who noticed a large bump on Peachy’s back before sounding the alarm.

Tests showed that Peachy had Ewing’s sarcoma, a type of cancer that occurs in bones and the soft tissue around the bones.

She will have to undergo a grueling nine weeks of chemotherapy starting next week, followed by a series of surgeries and rehabilitation.

The outlet reports that Ms. Bretherton said she was shocked by the “rapid deterioration of her normally bright and bubbly one-year old.”

she tells 7News : “Within 24 hours she was dancing and the next day she could no longer walk.

“She’s a really nice love bubble, that girl, and she has a very strong daddy and she’s a fighter.

“She’s been through a lot and I just hold on to the fact that I know she will just push the limits and hopefully it will be gone.”

Her partner Joel, who was first diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2006, received treatment but died last year after his cancer returned.

She told the publication that she “just found my feet as a single mom” while trying to grieve for her “best friend and the love of my life”.

She added, “We’re trying not to fuse the two stories together because obviously they’re separate journeys, but that doesn’t mean memories don’t flow back – it’s just brutal.”

A fundraiser was made started on GoFundMe to support the family, to prioritize the boy’s health.

On the page, well-wishers wrote: “Brooke and her family know all too well the fear and despair that cancer brings after losing Peachy’s beloved father, Joel, to a brain tumor a little over a year ago.

“To think that Brooke is now facing this journey again with the fear of losing her little girl to the same cruel illness that she lost her beloved husband is completely overwhelming.”


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