Mum's anger at 'really unpleasant' Secret Santa gift from anonymous colleague

A mother shared her anger after receiving a rude coloring book from an anonymous coworker.

Buying gifts for Christmas can be tricky, but Secret Santa is a fun and relaxing way to take the pressure off shopping for friends and colleagues.

However, it seems that a woman was dissatisfied with a gift from a colleague that contained sexual insult.

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The mother went to the popular Mumsnet forum to tell them about the gift and asked what to do, she noticed Liverpool echo.

She said she was given a “really nasty” adult coloring book – and is now considering reporting it to HR.

The book, titled “Go F *** Yourself, I’m Coloring”, offers the opportunity to fill in insulting designs with words like “idiot”, “s ** t” and a sexual insult.

She showed a photo of the book and asked what to do with one or the other gift, as she explained that she didn’t want to participate.

She added, “I like a robust swear word and I have a job that can be very stressful, but I finally got it right today and a lot of the words for coloring are not swear words in themselves, they’re really, really awkwardly misogynistic , sexually. ” Do not curse insults and terms that I associate with pornography. “

She added, “I was actually rather offended that someone thought this was an appropriate gift for a fifty-year-old colleague in a professional setting.

“My dilemma is whether to tell the group something or just hide it in the recycling and forget it?”

Unsurprisingly, many weren’t impressed with the content. One Mumsnet user wrote: “This is so grossly inappropriate for the workplace and so sickly misogynistic that I couldn’t let it go.”

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But others were split, with one comment: “Well, I work in a professional setting and I got the exact same book last year. Personally, I thought it was funny and gave it to my husband as a present.

“It was obviously a bit of fun no matter how many pearl clutches there are.

“For all of the people who say go to HR, I would suggest you take the big stick out of your a ***. There’s no better way to shut yourself off your team and play a grudge along the way. “

A third added, “I would definitely take this to HR. If it was an honest mistake, you can apologize and learn to be more careful.”


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