Mums arrested after Dubai boob job trip 'being treated worse than animals'

Two mothers arrested after refusing to quarantine themselves to get breast jobs on their return from a trip to Dubai are treated “worse than animals”.

Kirstie McGrath and Niamh Mulreany – dubbed Dubai Two – were arrested and charged at Dublin Airport before being forced into isolation after serving a brief sentence in a hotel.

They had traveled to the United Arab Emirates for breast and belly fat treatments that were paid for as birthday gifts.

Seven members of the Gardai police force were also quarantined after Kirstie reportedly tested positive for Covid on Monday the Irish mirror.

Niamh’s mother Sabrina, a frontline worker, said, “Niamh and Kirstie are exemplified, it’s so simple and the question needs to be asked, why?

“When these girls got on the plane in Dubai, they didn’t have Covid-19. The girls left Ireland on the morning of March 24th and the new quarantine rules didn’t come into effect until March 26th, two days later. Why is this happening?

“These two girls are not statistics and what is happening has a terrible impact on them.

“They are treated worse than animals – this is a complete circus.”

Niamh Mulreany

The mother of one Niamh, 25, from Scarlett Row, Dublin, and the mother of two Kirstie, 30, from Rialto received the flights as birthday gifts from their families and friends.

However, neither did the procedure for which they went.

When they were flying home to Dublin Airport last Friday, they reportedly refused to go to the mandatory hotel quarantine and were arrested for violating the health law.

After appearing in court on Saturday, they were arrested at Dochas Women’s Prison for being unable to finance bonds and bail bonds.

Kirstie McGrath

The bail conditions were relaxed on Sunday so they could be quarantined in a hotel.

Sabrina said, “You were allowed to walk through the streets of a strange city for two days with no money and no help or guidance from the local authorities.

“The girls didn’t do anything wrong. They didn’t break any rules and followed all instructions.

“Why are they made examples and why not those who vaccinated people who were not yet eligible?

“They asked the airline they were traveling with to Dubai and the government agencies which guidelines they had to follow.

Dublin Airport

“They were told they could travel as long as they had negative PCR tests and medical records explaining why they were leaving the country. They followed all the guidelines that were placed on them.

“They were held in prison in appalling conditions and were left in the heat in a Garda van for almost four hours in the heat before appearing on Saturday due to Covid-19 restrictions preventing them from entering the courthouse.

“Both girls suffer psychologically like all of us.”

Both women received an additional Covid-19 PCR test and antibody test when they entered the women’s prison on Saturday night.

She has not yet received Niamh’s test results, but Kirstie’s reportedly returned a positive result.

The friends share a double room in the quarantine hotel where they are staying.

As a result, Ms. Mulreany’s parents said they had asked the Ministry of Health to run independent PCR tests on the girls on Monday evening.

These were granted and a general practitioner should be allowed to enter the hotel yesterday at 7:30 a.m. At 1:11 a.m., however, the legal representatives were informed that this had been discontinued.

In correspondence from the quarantine hotel where the friends are staying, the girl’s parents were informed that access to the mandatory quarantine facility was not authorized.

The letter adds; “The HSE as the person who has been approved by the Minister of Health to perform RT-PCR tests on the travelers concerned in certain facilities in accordance with Section 38 of the Health Act.

“The Minister has not appointed or approved any person other than the HSE to perform RT-PCR tests.

“People in quarantine are not entitled to have RT-PCR tests performed by anyone other than the HSE.

“In these circumstances, the Department of Health cannot approve a PCR test from private sources.”


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