Mum's epic failure led to 'embarrassing' find inside son's lunchbox at school

Jordan-Ell, who has three children, went to a popular Facebook group to share her hysterical story that could serve as a lesson for other parents to check out what their child is doing

One mother confessed to an “embarrassing” mistake in the lunch box that forced her son’s school to send her an email.

Jordan-Ell went to a popular Facebook group to share her hysterical story that could serve as a lesson for other parents to review before leaving their homes.

The mother of three said her son pulled a bag of food out of the refrigerator and thought it was his lunch box.

But when he got to school and looked in his pocket, he found that instead of his lunch snacks he had brought a bag of raw sausages with him.

Jordan-Ell posted a picture of the sausages on the website Tips and ideas for families The Facebook page says she could see the funny side of the mix-up.

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Jordan-Ell’s son accidentally picked up these sausages


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She said, “I had to let my mother fail today.

“After taking my son to school this morning, I came home quickly to find that he had left his lunch in the fridge – weird because he said he had it.

“(But) he never empties his lunch bag, so I thought,” Oh god, he took yesterday’s leftovers! “

“Then I got an email from the school saying that when they went to his lunch they found sausages! “He just took my raw sausages out of the fridge instead of his lunch.

The mother warns other parents to check before they leave home (archive image)


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“I’ll check from now on. Literally made my day! “

Jordan-Ell said she made the right lunch for her son so he “definitely wouldn’t go hungry”.

Her amusing story led other parents to share similar mistakes.

One mother admitted sending her son to school with a bag of cat food instead of a drink.

She wrote: “Had both on the side and picked the wrong one. The call from school was fun talk! “

“I made a cheese sandwich for my daughter, but I sent the rest of the cheese in her lunch box and put the sandwich back in the fridge,” admitted another mother.

A third mother commented: “My husband once put a raw onion in our daughter’s lunch box (it was wrapped in foil in the refrigerator) instead of the sandwich I made. I mean like? It’s not even the same shape!”


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