Mum's genius idea to stop son feeling anxious when he goes back to school

A mother sowed kisses for her son in his school sweater so that he wouldn’t have to go back to the classroom anxiously.

Five-year-old Davey Gurnett returned to elementary school last week with two dark blue crosses on the sleeve of his red school sweater when he started his first week in first grade.

Mama Kat Gurnett, 35, told the schoolboy he could kiss or rub the sewn kisses if he started missing his family and it would “send a little kiss home”.

The mother of two shared her thoughtful idea with other parents on social media to help other children who will be returning to school tomorrow (Mon 06/09).

Housewife Kat, from Hemel Hempstead, Herts. said: “It is a very emotional time, some kids find it easy to go in and don’t look back.

“But some find it a little more difficult, which is heartbreaking for parents.

“I’ve seen things from other mothers on the internet about how their children felt anxious about going back to school.

“Some gave bracelets to their kids, but I didn’t want to give Davey anything to lose because it would make the day even more excited.

“I explained to him that he could kiss, rub, or hug the kisses if he missed us at all, and it would send us a little kiss.

“When I picked him up from school, he said, ‘Did you feel my kisses, Mom?’ So it worked wonders.

“It was as much for me as it was for him.

“I felt better than I knew he had this to comfort him.

“Davey had some health problems so it was a big deal for both of us to go back to school.”

You can follow Kat’s Instagram account, which is all about fun learning activities and ideas to keep kids busy here.

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