'Murdered' Brit Caroline Crouch's husband seen for first time in prison yard

The husband of the “murdered” British woman Caroline Crouch was pictured for the first time in prison, where he is being held for her murder.

Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos, 33, is said to have confessed last week to suffocating Ms. Crouch (20) in front of her daughter in her home in Greece.

He has since been spotted behind barbed wire in the Korydallos maximum security prison on the outskirts of Athens, where he has been charged with the murder of his wife.

Anagnostopoulos can be seen standing with his hands on his hips, wearing shorts and a T-shirt and apparently speaking to another inmate who was sitting on a bench, originally from Star size

The expression on his face is unclear from the picture.

Police were reported to have approached Anagnostopoulos at a funeral service for Ms. Crouch and told him he had to go to Athens with them to help break the case, but he was soon told that he was the only suspect in his death Be woman.

A coroner’s report indicated that Ms. Crouch was assaulted while she was sleeping and suffered a slow, agonizing death in the early hours of May 11th.

The picture seems to show Anagnostopoulos behind barbed wire in prison

A sharp increase in her heart rate was noted between 4:05 a.m. and 4:11 a.m. when her heart stopped beating, according to a fitness tracker she wore on her wrist.

The report named suffocation as the cause of death.

The university student was found dead when police were called to the family home in Glyka Nera, an upscale suburb of Athens, that morning.

Helicopter pilot Anagnostopoulos initially claimed she was strangled and the family dog ​​was also killed when intruders stormed the maisonette demanding cash and jewelry.

Caroline Crouch with Charalambos (Babis) Anagnostopoulos and their baby

He told police that he and Ms. Crouch were both handcuffed and gagged and that the burglars fled with about 10,000 euros in value hidden in a Monopoly box.

But police say Anagnostopoulos made a confession last week when he was interrogated for eight hours.

He is said to have admitted to suffocating his wife with a pillow and staging a fake robbery to cover up his crime.


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