Music industry one of last sectors to recover from pandemic, says charity

A third of professional musicians didn’t earn anything from music after the pandemic, according to a charity study.

The music industry turned out to be one of the last sectors to recover from the pandemic as 83% of professional musicians were unable to return to their regular jobs.

Research by the independent charity Help Musicians of nearly 1,000 professional musicians found that the effects of the coronavirus pandemic continue to be catastrophic.

Nine out of ten musicians made less than £ 1,000 a month and only 1% made over £ 2,500, according to the study.

James Ainscough, CEO of Help Musicians, said: “While much of the economy is gradually returning to normal, it will be a long time before musicians expect to return to pre-pandemic income levels as we predicted from the start the pandemic.

“In the past 18 months we have provided almost 20,000 musicians with direct financial aid to help them pay their bills and stay afloat.”

The impact of the pandemic on musicians was not just financial, with just under a third of musicians citing a lack of confidence to prevent them from returning to perform in front of a live audience.

Help Musicians has seen a 60 percent increase in musicians making contact with mental health as one in eight musicians said they currently have a mental health problem that prevented them from returning to work, the study found.

Mr. Ainscough said, “As the industry begins to recover, we are shifting our focus to helping musicians rebuild with a broad package of support from advice on income stream diversification, mentoring to rebuild connections, mental health support and much more.

“We recognize that the rebuilding will take a long time for some musicians, and the Help Musicians team will continue to be available to musicians in real crisis for the months to come to make sure we are with every step stand at the side of the musicians. “

The study found that less than a quarter were confident they would pursue a career in the music industry, while 22% were actively considering leaving the industry.

During the pandemic, the charity donated £ 18 million to the bank accounts of 19,000 struggling musicians to help them survive financial hardship.

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