Musician dressed up as 'big grape coloured alien' threatened in busker turf war

A street musician has commented on being threatened with violence after trying to promote his event in a busy downtown area.

Dustin Kitsch, 27, was in Hull promoting his Kitsch Co. UV Ball event.

He played dance and house music and improvised on his saxophone.

The street musician was dressed in his full regalia and described himself as looking like a “great grape-colored alien” at the time. Hull live reports.

Dustin said, “I had settled down in the city center playing a few club tracks, people happily enjoyed the cosmic sounds I put out there.

“I had only had about three songs through when this angry man came up to me with a guitar and started yelling at me in the middle of the song, yelling at me about how loud I was and I had no respect for other street musicians around me.

“I stopped to hear what he was saying and he said, ‘What are you trying to do?’ and ‘you’re in my pitch, I come here every day’ and things like that.

“I tried not to bother with him and he eventually left.

“I was halfway down the main street across from the Christmas shop and was just doing my own thing, but he was still coming over from his seat near the Maritime Museum. It all seemed insane considering I was a. At the time big pink alien was dressed. “

Dustin tried to laugh at the man’s approach and kept playing on his set, which the ‘ Kitsch Co. UV ball “Takes place on Thursday, 11.11.

The event is being promoted as part of the Hull Jazz Festival, which will take place from November 10th to 13th this year.

The angry street musician came back for a second round with the organizer.

Dustin said, “I was laughing about it, there were people standing around wondering what had just happened, so I just tried to get on with the set.

“I saw him come back though, he looked angry, I thought it was a bit ridiculous to pick on a guy painted literally pink.

“He said, ‘If I see you here again, I’ll finish you off. I know your face now, watch out’.

“I couldn’t believe how ridiculous it was, I just said ‘cool, see you later’ and he stormed off.”

Dustin said the incident didn’t stop him playing downtown as he knows many other street musicians.

He said he was surprised at how territorial the street musician was and said he was disappointed that a fellow musician would be so aggressive.

For information and tickets to see Dustin live in a less confrontational situation, see his upcoming gig at the jazz festival here.

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