'My husband had an affair with my mum as I nearly died – now they’re married'

'My husband had an affair with my mum as I nearly died - now they’re married'

A heartbroken woman says she will never forgive her husband or mother after having an affair while lying on her death bed in the hospital.

Kamylla de Melo was in intensive care, fighting for her life when the two people she trusted most walked behind her back.

When she was finally released from the hospital after 78 days, she discovered the harrowing truth.

They have since married – leaving Kamylla from Pernambuco, Brazil, devastated.

Kamylla spoke about her ordeal in an open interview reported by the Brazilian news agency noamazonase assim.

She said, “When I was a teenager, my mother began to compete with me. She was only 20 years older than me and said my clothes suited her better, that her food was better. Nothing I’ve done was good enough.

“When I was 25, I fell in love with a boy who was ten years older than me.

“We got married in August 2013 and the following year our now six-year-old son was born from a complicated pregnancy.

“At the end of 2017 I had to undergo bariatric surgery. The idea wasn’t to lose weight, but to watch my hormone levels. After the operation, I had a stroke and had to be hospitalized again.

“During that time, my mother – I swear I can’t call her mother anymore – went to my home to help my husband look after my son, who was then 4 years old. My father stayed inside from Pernambuco with my younger brother.

'My husband had an affair with my mum as I nearly died - now they’re married' 1

“It wasn’t until later that I found out that in the four months I’d spent most of the time between life and death in the hospital, my ex had only seen me twice and my mother hadn’t.”

She added that her father got her from the hospital on March 22, 2018 and told her the news.

“I had the worst pain of my life. And it wasn’t physical. Without much ado, my father, who had already taken my son away, said that his wife and husband were having an affair.

“It looked like he was being stabbed in the chest, a mixture of disappointment and disbelief.

“I called my mother. Very nervously I said that I had left the hospital, that I was alive, and asked if it was true that they were together. The answer? That yes, together and very happy. I could don’t believe what I heard. “

'My husband had an affair with my mum as I nearly died - now they’re married' 2

According to the interview, the couple are married today and, according to a court order, Kamylla’s son has weekly contact with her ex-husband and mother.

Kamylla added, “My son stays with his father two or three times a week by court order. It’s not easy, but I have an obligation to allow my little one to live with this toxic and harmful relationship.

“I recently learned that my mother would like to celebrate her relationship anniversary on March 2nd without even covering up the fact that she dated my then-husband when I was in the hospital.

“Almost two years after my breakup, I found a nice man and started dating. We have been together for 10 months, in a respectful and ethical relationship. I have a nice and close family, my father loves and my son is perfect. “



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