My kids make Strictly a family affair, says McFly star Tom

Strictly Come Dancing contestant Tom Fletcher said his kids learned some of his dance moves while he was performing on the show.

The McFly singer and guitarist has three sons – Buzz (7), Buddy (5) and Max (3) – with wife Giovanna.

He said hello! Magazine: “They watch it every Saturday, give their own score, and cheer me on for what’s so cute.

“You even learned some of the steps.”

The 36-year-old musician, who works with professional dancer Amy Dowden, hopes to lift the Glitzerball trophy at the end of the series to make his partner’s dream come true.

He said, “I have a chance to do this show and when it is over I will come back to fulfill my real passion and do what I dreamed of as a kid: being in a band and books to write.

“But for Amy, Strictly is her dream. She is such an incredible dancer and teacher and I would love to be the one to win the glitter ball for her. “

He added that Dowden had become close to the entire Fletcher family, adding, “It was always important to include my family as I knew when I signed up for Strictly that she could take over your life.

“They were there every step of the way. I think Amy wishes she would dance with Giovanna this time. She takes up the stairs faster than me. “

Fletcher said the show had other benefits for him as well, adding, “Dancing every day certainly gets you in shape.

“I haven’t been to the gym in a decade, but strictly training forced me to use muscles I never knew I had.”

The singer is also a children’s author and says his own sons have been a huge influence on his writing.

He said, “Although I started writing children’s books before I had children, my approach changed after I became a father.

“It is very useful to be able to peer into the mind of a seven-year-old when writing for teenagers that age.

“I first try out my ideas on them and then they come up with suggestions.”

The full interview is in Hello! Magazine, now available.

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