Mysterious glowing 'UFO' spotted hovering in sky by beach jogger on morning run

A mysteriously glowing UFO was discovered floating over the sea by a beach jogger on their morning run.

The floating object was filmed by a woman in the Gulf of Mexico and shared on social media where many thought it was an alien spaceship.

The sighting took place on February 1 at Miramar Beach in the coastal town of Ciudad Madero in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.

The video, shared by social media user ‘Patty Azuara’, shows a large glowing object floating over the sea.

She titled the footage: “Today when I was walking on the beach at 7:12 am and discovered these lights.”

Viewers used social media to comment on the video, and some believed it was the cause of the rising sun showing under the clouds, while others insisted it was a UFO.

Facebook user Hilda Cruz wrote: “You are so lucky! Such a good view of the sighting!”

Carlos Lopez Hernandez said, “It’s the sunrise through the clouds and the sea breeze.”

Mauricio Izcariote commented, “It’s called the sun. It’s the largest star in our solar system.”

Local media said some people from the region believe there is a Martian base in the Gulf of Mexico, which is why the region is protected from cyclones.

Ruben Goy Hernandez said: “The people there say that there is a base on the sea and therefore there are no hurricanes there.”

Latino Meche said, “This is not new, Martians have been in the Gulf of Mexico for years!”

There are no official reports explaining the mysterious glowing object.


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