Mystery of strange 'Moon hut' found by Chinese rover is finally solved

In December, China’s national space agency shared a mysterious picture of the Yutu 2 lunar rover, which has been combing the dark side of the moon since 2019. The picture showed a misplaced structure that amazed experts because of its symmetry and flatness Roof – joking the space agency, it could be a strange place to stay

A strange blur on the lunar surface that amazes space watchers is just a stone – new images show

A suspicious-looking structure photographed by a Chinese rover on the moon is no stranger to whereabouts – it’s just a small rock in the shape of a rabbit.

After China’s moon rover Yutu 2 captured a mysterious cube-shaped blur on the moon’s horizon in December, researchers from the China National Space Administration’s (CNSA) outreach program Our Space joked that it could be a “moon hut”.

But now the object has been photographed up close and the images reflected back to earth – and it’s just a rock.

Back then, its misplaced symmetry and flat roof sent the internet into overdrive, and some speculated it might be an alien abode. “

Experts had suspected that it could have been a plate of debris that broke off as rubble after a space impact.

The team around the Yutu 2 Rover named the rock because of its appearance and because the Chinese word “Yutu” translates as “Jade Rabbit”, “Jade Rabbit”.

A few days ago the Yutu 2 beamed back photos of the lunar surface, which showed a mysterious blurring on the horizon

The Chinese Yutu 2 mission is the first in history to measure the side of the moon that is always out of sight from Earth.

It took the rover just a month to land on the lunar surface in January 2019 after being launched in December 2018.

The sun-powered explorer landed in Von Karman Crater – part of the Aitken Basin at the satellite’s south pole.

The CSNA said the machine, which periodically shuts down until the sun shines, reached speeds of 656 feet per hour when it made the long journey to investigate the blur.

The misplaced structure looked strange because of its flat roof and symmetry

Chinese space officials also shared its driving log, which shows the team navigating craters as they move across the surface of the rock.

About nine months after landing, the rover discovered a strange “gel-like” substance on the other side of the moon.

The substance, which is described as “fascinating colors” and “mysterious sheen”, was found at the bottom of a small, recent impact crater.

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