N.Y. congressman: Border crisis due to decades of bad U.S. behavior

Bowman also argued that solving immigration problems goes well beyond dealing with the people who arrive at the border and seek entry into the United States.

“The best we can do is implement a 21st century Marshall Plan and help rebuild Central America the same way we destroyed it,” he said, referring to the 1940s plan Years that rebuilt large parts of Europe after World War II. “We wanted their land and their natural resources, and we have been involved in coup d’état and other behaviors in these areas to do so. Now we must correct our wrongs.”

Republicans have blamed President Joe Biden’s rhetoric and policies for the surge in migrants. They claim they encouraged people to try to enter the United States. Republican Sens. Dan Sullivan, Alaska, Ted Cruz, Texas, and Lindsey Graham, South Carolina were among those who appeared on Sunday morning television shows who made this argument.

“There is an open border policy,” Sullivan said on ABC’s This Week. “There’s a catch-and-release policy. And these were changes that the Biden administration put in place. And here’s the thing, you’ve been warned.”

Sullivan urged Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the border and see the situation firsthand.

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