Name of Samsung’s New True Wireless Earbuds

The name of the new True Wireless headphones that Samsung is expected to introduce with the Galaxy S21 series in January has become clear. According to the information on the Indonesian certification site, the headphones are sold under the name Galaxy Buds Pro.

South Korean tech giant Samsung will reportedly launch its new flagship smartphone series in January 2021. This series, which is expected to be released under the name Samsung Galaxy S21, will also bring Samsung’s new True Wireless headphones.

Samsung’s new True Wireless headsets have appeared on Indonesia Telecom Certification’s site today. The new headphones had model number SM-R190. But the main information on the site was that it was clear by what name the headphones would be presented to users.

The name of Samsung’s new headphones originated:

According to the information on Indonesian Telecom Certification website, Samsung’s new True Wireless headphones will be launched under the name Galaxy Buds Pro. The headphones are sold in a box with a 472 mAh battery, according to information previously posted on the Chinese 3C certification site.

This information about Samsung’s new True Wireless headphones shows that the company plans to launch its new products very soon. In other words, claims that Samsung will introduce its new phone and headphones in January are getting stronger with the emerging information.

But the rise of the name of Samsung’s new True Wireless headphones raised a new question mark in my mind. To this day we have seen Samsung’s new headphones under the name Galaxy Buds Beyond. We are not sure if this name is the code name of Galaxy Buds Pro.

On the other hand, Samsung may have thought of the name Galaxy Buds Beyond for its new headphones. However, the company may have changed the name of the headphones to Galaxy Buds Pro with a later decision. In addition to all these, Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond can be seen as a completely separate product from Galaxy Buds Pro. Details about the new headphones will be clarified in the coming days.

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