NASA and SpaceX mark new launch of astronauts for October

NASA and the transport company SpaceX announced the scheduled date for the third mission, manned by astronauts and commanded by Elon Musk’s company.

The launch of the Crew-3 mission missile will take place on October 23, 2021 – a date that still depends on the day’s weather conditions or any technical issues.

The mission will bring four people to the International Space Station: astronauts Raja Chari and Tom Marshburn NASAand Matthias Maurer, from the European Space Agency. The fourth crew member has not yet been released.

Ahead of the mission, SpaceX will create a second transport as part of the partnership: the Crew-2 mission will take place on April 22 this year, bringing astronauts from the United States, the European Union and Japan to space and crew is being transported. back to Earth in early October. SpaceX’s first human crew mission was conducted in May 2020 and is considered a success.

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